14 signs America is being overthrown from within

By Shari Goodman

As a superpower and symbol of freedom, the United States has a list of foreign enemies eager to see America’s demise. In today’s nuclear age, the threat of mutual destruction is not an option; however, what if America’s demise could be achieved without firing a single shot by enemy infiltration and penetration from within? The following indicators are currently underway.

Open borders

An open southern border is a sieve for illegal foreign nationals from around the globe whose unlawful entry decimate our homogeny and erase our sovereignty. Americans are forced to compete for lower wages with those working under the table. Without voter ID verification, illegals have the capacity to interfere with our elections, and our right to self-governance is impeded.

Marxism in education

One of the first items to be introduced in totalitarian takeovers is the introduction of Marxism. Class warfare, a tactic employed by Marxist to divide and conquer, is ineffective in a free, classless society; thus, racial warfare disguised as Critical Race Theory and Equity in education is an effective alternative. The Biden regime has removed the pro-American 1776 Commission introduced by President Trump in favor of a Black Lives Matter Marxist 1619 Project. Instead of an emphasis on American ideals and love of country, our youth are in the midst of a Marxist indoctrination project with emphasis on tribalism, skin color and non-binary gender studies.


Totalitarianism cannot succeed without censorship. The rise of Big Tech has led to control over the flow of information by Big Tech barons. Their ability to control content has manifested itself in election interference and misinformation. Thousands of Wuhan coronavirus deaths could have been prevented had the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin been made public. Big Tech, the press and the mainstream media did not permit dissent from official government dogma and engaged in the proliferation of misinformation. As we now know today, the virus did not originate in a wet market, mask and social distancing are ineffective, and hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment. The disease resulting from the Wuhan virus was rebranded as “COVID-19,” and any referral to the Chinese Wuhan virus as anything but COVID was immediately censored.

Chaos, race riots and divisiveness

For a nation to disintegrate, conditions must be ripe with chaos and civil unrest. Beginning in the spring of last year, Americans witnessed Black Lives Matter and Antifa race riots in blue urban areas. Thousands marched, looted, burned, maimed and killed in the name of Black Lives Matter, a domestic Marxist terrorist paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. With little or no push back from law enforcement, these riots continue to this day whenever a perceived injustice occurs.


Discrimination in federal and local law enforcement is upheld. From sanctuary cities for illegals endorsed by blue city mayors to unenforced city ordinances, laws are no longer uniformly applied. In California, there are thousands of permitted homeless encampments where drugs, litter, human waste and the mentally ill can be found. It is no longer safe to walk the streets in major urban areas beset by a pathology indicative of a society in decay.

Defunding the police

One of the earmarks of a civilized society is law and order, and a police force in place to uphold it. The introduction to the “defund the police” movement by Black Lives Matter has taken root in blue urban areas. Their mission is to erase all local law enforcement under the pretense and false narrative of “police brutality.” Such a move has already led to the death of more than 264 officers across this country last year. Currently, there is a shortage of applications at police academies, and many police officers are retiring early; thus, there is a severe shortage of officers to enforce the laws.

Emptying prisons and jails

In California and New York City, blue governors, mayors and progressive district attorneys are emptying the prisons. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has lowered and eliminated bail for many misdemeanors and felonies. One can walk out of a Walmart or Rite Aid with stolen goods and not be prosecuted if the goods are valued at less than $950. With a zero-dollar bail policy in California and New York, there has been a significant increase in crime. Thugs there brazenly roam the streets in search of victims.

The advancement of policies favoring red China, Iran and Russia

By closing our Alaska pipeline and interfering in energy production as soon as Biden took office, we lost our energy independence created under the Trump administration. America is now dependent on foreign oil while enriching the coffers of the Iranian mullahs and Russia at the cost of thousands of lost American jobs. Where President Trump lowered regulations hampering American companies, Biden introduced Obama’s old regulations sending American companies and jobs overseas once again.

Elimination of the middle class

Capitalism in the United States gave rise to the largest middle class in the history of the world. Unlike Third World dictatorships marked by corruption and oligarchies, the United States, with its emphasis on individualism, unrestrained by government, gave rise to entrepreneurship and innovation. With its emphasis on equity and class envy, Marxism needs to rid society of a middle class. Wherever Marxism/communism has been introduced, two classes remain, the 1% elite oligarchy and the 99% poverty stricken. Roughly 200,00 small business establishments were forced to permanently close by federal and state edicts while corporate America remained free to operate.

The politicization and weaponization of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and State Department

A nation must rely on its various intelligence agencies and a Justice Department to protect the nation from enemies from within and without. As of this year, the Biden administration’s Justice Department has arrested over 400 Trump supporters who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6. They are regarded as domestic terrorists guilty of the worst attack on our country since Pearl Harbor, and they are held in solitary confinement for trespassing. Their imprisonment is reminiscent of political prisoners found in lawless dictatorships around the globe, while Antifa and BLM continue to riot, burn and kill as they roam our streets. Furthermore, in a move filled with symbolism, our State Department has announced the Marxist Black Lives Matter flag will fly along the American flag at our embassies throughout the world.

A corporate oligarchy funding Marxism

As of last year, Wall Street contributed nearly $100 million dollars to Black Lives Matter, a seditious organization founded by “trained Marxists” for the purpose of overthrowing our constitutional republic in favor of Marxism. The support for communism from our corporate elites is most telling and foreboding.

A society marked by cultural Marxism

The emphasis on equity and social justice can be found in leading magazines, books, Hollywood, music, teachers unions, in our universities and at sports events. Cultural Marxism surrounds us, and those who are not with the program are ridiculed, shamed, ostracized and sometimes punished.

Political prisoners

President Trump is currently under investigation for tax fraud by the attorney general of New York, regardless of the previous lack of evidence found during the Mueller probe.

Reports the New York Post: “On multiple occasions before and after her election, Letitia James accused the president of money-laundering, offering zero evidence. She promised to ‘definitely sue him,’ and since her election, she has made good on that promise. While she has admitted in court that she does not have any evidence of wrongdoing, she has never retracted her public assertions of criminal activity. She has spent much of her time in office on anti-Trump fishing expeditions.”

Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Gen. Michael Flynn and Lin Wood, among others, are Trump supporters and influencers targeted with malicious lawsuits and prosecution. Under American Marxism, they have become America’s political prisoners! There is sufficient evidence for Hillary Clinton, Joe and Hunter Biden, Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennen and Barack Obama to have been indicted for sharing classified information, bribery, money laundering, spying on a sitting president and lying to Congress, but unlike Stone and Giuliani, none of them has had their homes raided in the early morning dawn by federal agents with guns drawn.

The penetration and politization of america’s military

The introduction of Wokeness in the military, with its emphasis on political correctness, first took root during the Obama years. Instead of an emphasis on maximizing the lethality and readiness of forces, members of the military are now asked to prepare an “Environmental Roadmap” and to consider the needs of breastfeeding mothers when making operational plans. Additionally, the Department of Defense is now required to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community. While China is gearing up its military to be more masculine, our American military is becoming more feminine.

The indicators listed above are in play as Americans find themselves caught in a Marxist revolution where America’s founding principles and ideals are being erased. As previous generations have laid down their lives and fortunes, so too today, American patriots are instrumental in a behind-the-scenes quest for liberty. Beginning with a full audit of Arizona’s last election in an effort to ensure election integrity, to red state governors’ refusal to follow illegal federal edicts, to parental uprisings against Marxist school boards across this country, the pushback has begun. Today’s freedom fighters may not be wearing a uniform, but they are fighting within the confines of the law to reclaim America’s founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, given the previous hesitancy of our courts and agencies we once relied upon to become involved, the rumbling and advocacy of guerrilla warfare is beginning to be heard. Our history is not one of pacifism. Lest the Marxists/communists believe otherwise, when all else fails, many Americans may once again rise up in defense of liberty.

Shari Goodman is a Los Angeles based educator, activist and public speaker. She has written for American Thinker, the Los Angeles Times, WND and other publications.

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