3 hurdles the left faces in its plot to dominate the world

Well, it looks like those dirty, rotten, soulless climate deniers are at it again, leading the parade against Lord Soros! The BBC reports:

“Climate change denial is spreading unchecked on Facebook, two studies by disinformation researchers have found. The Center for Countering Digital Hate and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue said less then 10% of misleading posts were marked as misinformation.”

And of course it’s even worse than it seems (everything big media touches gets that way)! Out of over 7,000 posts “describing climate change as hysteria, alarmism, and a scam,” only 8% were marked as misinformation!

Well, that right there does explain what’s wrong with the world, doesn’t it? Perhaps the climate slavery hucksters could come up with some approved boilerplate that FB and other big tech exploitation platforms would buy from them. That way big tech can simply insert the climate hucksters’ posts into the tech users’ posts automatically.

Of course, if this happened, the “climate-denier” deniers would be out of a job, wouldn’t they? Another career field falls to automation. That’s what happens when you slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs.

“Climate change” has had zero credibility since East Anglia’s software faking algorithm was exposed by a contract programmer who released the source code. This poor guy was hired to make some simple calculation modifications, but couldn’t get the results to work out correctly. The “problem” was solved when the “scientists” who had hired him gave him the constants that had to be encoded into the computer code calculation to make the result match their mystical graphs.

‘De’ Nile is not only a river somewhere else, folks. Denial is a way of life for the left, which has to add all sorts of unlikely constants into their pet projects to make them work out financially. The biggest constant they have to add is your life blood, sweat and tears. But I guess once the left learned to deny the existence of truth, well … anything and everything goes. Where it goes is along the lines of “to hell in a hand-basket.”

Global warming, then global cooling and now simply climate hucksters have no one other than themselves to blame for so much misinformation out there, in the internet wild. When the earth was warming, the huck was global warming. When the earth began to cool, the huck was changed to global cooling. Now it’s simply climate change. Yes, the climate does change. It changes all the time. What are you going to do, stabilize it? Freeze the earth in its rotational pattern, where the sun shines … and then doesn’t shine?

This kind of nonsense could only have gained a foothold in a nation with a crippled and now completely defunct education system. The leftist teachers unions didn’t just reeducate children in the way that the leftists thought they should go. To achieve certifiably stupid they had to remove from the curriculum even rudimentary research and thinking skills, such as sourcing, study credibility and author integrity. When those are gone, research and even science are pointless. My lie is as good as your lie. And of course the government’s lie is always the best!

A predetermined outcome only leads you to the edge of the flat earth, where if you take one more step you will fall off. Is it looking dark out there, folks? Be careful. We’re at the edge. If any of us takes one more step down this path our entire nation falls off the edge, and we will be banished to outer darkness, with Satan’s pitchfork forever stuck up our collective you-know-whats.

If teachers hadn’t perverted their duty to educate children in thinking, we would not be at this point. But the teachers unions chose indoctrination over education. Perhaps it was so much easier. The left has always believed that truth is whatever they say it is. They honestly believe that humanity is infinitely malleable; skulls full of mush to be molded and shaped by enlightened leftists, the science and the facts be damned. Authoritarianism is their last gasp before mass graves at the side of the road. Ask a Jew who survived the concentration camps. Maybe she sees some similarities between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated rhetoric in the world today. It’s the same playbook, folks.

The left has three problems in its latest attempt at world domination. Marx is still their prophet, the Communist Manifesto their bible. Their foundation has been prepared on the death camp wreckage of humanity that has gone before us.

The left’s problems, in increasing size, are Israel, America and God.

Israel had to reemerge during the modern era, because it is a key participant in the end of the church age.

America’s form of government had never existed in the world. It was a union of strong, independent states that came together to delegate certain powers only to a federal government, for the purposes of defending against invasion, settling disputes between the states, and conducting diplomacy with other nations in the world. Limited government is forever an anathema to the left and their lust for power over other people. Dictators and monarchs loathe it, because it forces them to serve the people, not the reverse.

The left’s biggest problem, however, is God. He loathes all imitators (just ask Satan). In the midst of ritual and habit, the Christian Church has grown weak and powerless, and been reduced to fighting its battles with mankind.

The order of Heaven is Authority, with God at the top. When God tell us “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11 NIV),” it means that all the resources of Heaven hear His words and direct their efforts to accomplish the end He has spoken.

So it is with the Children of His Royal Household. As the Church unshackles itself from the world system, the resources of heaven listen and begin to deploy themselves to accomplish the words of the Father’s Children.

Speak to your Father about what has happened. Silence is consent.

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