3 nations, 2 dictators and a senile old fool

By Mike Pottage

Watching Joe Biden and his team sacrifice the nation on the altar of climate change is frightening. If you believe wind and solar energy can power this nation, you will believe anything, even that boys can be girls on a whim and pronouns are essential to one’s self-image.

More frightening, however, is watching Joe Biden and his team interact with other nations. The climate change agenda will destroy this nation’s economy and prosperity. Foreign policy in the face of a depression last time around culminated in World War II.

It is, therefore, noteworthy that six U.S. congressional visitors representing the Council on Foreign Relations position on foreign affairs arrived in Taiwan on April 14. They were Sens. Lindsey Graham, Bob Menendez, Richard Burr, Rob Portman, Ben Sasse and Rep. Ronny Jackson.

In May, President Biden made oblique references to America’s willingness to go to war to defend Taiwan independence.

Then, just days ago news broke that Vladimir Putin reached an agreement with Communist Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua to quarter Russian troops in that Central American nation.

The Russian arrival in the New World was a one-day story as the media celebrated something called Juneteenth, which became a national holiday without public debate. The only possible explanation for that was Democrats want black Americans to vote Democrat.

The last time Russia troops were quartered in the Americas they were caught installing missile-launch facilities to set up a first strike capability aimed at the United States from Cuba.

At that time America had a president who understood the Monroe Doctrine and the Soviet threat. John F. Kennedy made it clear the threat would be eliminated before it was operational, and the ships carrying the nuclear missiles headed back to Russia. President Kennedy did his job.

There is a remarkable diplomatic parallel today with the war in Ukraine. Most Americans with influence over U.S. foreign policy, along with their counterparts in Europe, prattled on about bringing Ukraine into NATO.

Repeatedly, Putin said and wrote that the NATO alliance was a step too far for Russia to accept. Putin did not want to have Russian citizens watching U.S. Marines conducting war games within yards of their homeland. He probably would not welcome American missile silos there either.

A simple telephone call could have settled the matter. NATO stays out of Ukraine and Russia agrees to Ukrainian independence as a sovereign state.

But the U.S. was led by Joe Biden, and Biden decided to call Putin names, insult him and ignore him while Putin moved his military into position to take preemptive action.

And now, in effect, we are at war.

Imagine the conversation between the communist leaders of Russia and Nicaragua. Putin must be giddy as he makes plans to move his own troops into the U.S. southern flank. Only 1,806 miles separates McAllen, Texas, from the capital of Nicaragua.

Putin and those with similar political philosophy know the U.S. media, and they know the media will not report on this story until the Russian military mission is in place. We are assured by the Nicaraguans it is all a rescue and support mission of mutual benefits to comrades.

Under the current commander in chief, the U.S. military spends its time defending the rainbow flag, so the prospects for a two-front international war against both China and Russia is not too promising.

Then there is the Chinese economy. A bad economy can fast-track a war.

China expert Gordon G. Chang authored a piece in the Daily Caller this week about the internal difficulties in that country. Chang reports Xi Jinping is repealing recent reforms allowing some freedoms to the Chinese, and totalitarian control is slowing the economy.

But that is not the only problem. Chang wrote, “The second-most fundamental problem is that China is carrying a staggering load of debt. The Bank of International Settlements estimated that the country’s debt was equal to about 290% of gross domestic product in late 2020, and there has subsequently been a rapid accumulation of indebtedness, during the pandemic. When adding the so-called ‘hidden debt’ and deflating GDP to minimize the effect of inflated official reporting, the country’s ratio is now around 350%.”

According to the veteran China watcher, the Chinese banks are in troubled as investors are fleeing.

So what happens when prosperity wanes in a nation led by a Communist dictator? Militarism becomes the mission of the day, deflecting the people’s attention from their own misery index to a foreign threat.

No one has discussed it, but the effort by Joe Biden to rid this nation of hydrocarbon, hydro-electric and nuclear energy sources, along with massive printing press assaults upon the stability of the dollar, is moving America into a recession, and there is no sign the economic downfall will stop there. The nation has solutions, but does not have the leadership to implement them. Americans are reacting to higher prices by not buying goods. For China, this is a disaster. Without the American market and its conspicuous consumption, Chinese manufacturing jobs will disappear, feeding Xi’s nationalism.

Trouble plagues Biden’s America. Trouble plagues Xi’s China. And trouble plagues Putin’s Russia. Two of these three men are dictators. The third is a senile old fool who often acts like a dictator. Joe Biden never was capable of sustained, rational thought. Remarkably, Biden is as much an ideologue as Xi or Putin. All three men believe government is good and government should make all the decisions. That requires the elimination of the individual and the supremacy of the community, the “we are all in this together” group thinkers.

And that should make the free world shudder.

Mike Pottage has been a political reporter, columnist and newspaper editor headquartered in Los Angeles and Sacramento for more than 45 years.

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