4 Arab nations warn Biden that Iran deal is a threat

Iran's flag (Image by jorono from Pixabay)
Iran’s flag (Image by jorono from Pixabay)

Four Arab nations have issued a statement that expresses concern over any possible agreement between the Joe Biden administration and Iran, because, according to a report from Jerusalem, “Iran continues to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries and play a role in sowing sectarian discord among them.”

How is that happening?

“By supporting and arming terrorist groups such as the Houthi and Hezbollah militias.”

The report at the Gatestone Institute was posted online by Khaled Abu Toameh, a Jerusalem-based journalist.

He described the statement from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates,, Bahrain and Egypt as “an eleventh hour and desperate warning to the Biden administration.”

It came amid “growing concern in some Arab countries, that the U.S. and other Western powers could reach a deal with Iran to revive the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal,” he explained.

The statement said simply that Iran “poses a threat to the security of Arab states and impedes regional and international efforts to resolve issues and crises in the region through peaceful means.”

The nation authors said it is important that Iran be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons. And they said strengthening the International Atomic Energy Agency’s authority would be a good move.

“In a message directed at the Biden administration and the other Western powers involved in the Vienna negotiations, the Arab countries said that Iran and its terrorist militias are continuing to create chaos and instability, especially in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon,” the report explained.

That means, the report said, not only is Iran a threat, but so are “its terrorist proxies, including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.”

Concerning the nations is their fear that if Iran gets nukes, so will their terror proxies “sooner or later.”

They accuse Iran of “supporting, training and arming terrorist groups” in the region.

The concern is shared, the report said, by a growing number of Arab political analysts, commentators and others.

“Each time the Arabs hear that the Biden administration and its Western allies are negotiating with Iran’s mullahs about a possible return to the nuclear deal, they panic and send a volley of warnings against the policy of appeasement towards Iran,” the report said.

Iraqi political analyst Ali Al-Sarraf warned, “The Biden administration is very foolish.”

“Instead of taking advantage of the capabilities of two major allies such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE and listening to their concerns, it chose to bet on Iran’s return to the oil market. Then, it chose to win over another adversary, Venezuela, to persuade it to export its oil to the US in exchange for lifting the sanctions,” he said.

Toameh explained, “Al-Sarraf said that when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed rejected Biden’s attempts to contact them, ‘it is not because they want to abandon the alliance with the US, but because they do not see a president in the White House. This president is deaf. He cannot be trusted. Going to Iran and Venezuela does not come without a without a price. They are not a real compensation for the role that the Gulf states can play in the battle for the stability of the international system.'”

In fact, Sayed Zahra, deputy editor of Bahrain’s Akhbar Al-Khaleej, said the relationships deteriorated under Barack Obama.

“The Obama administration showed that it did not care about the longtime alliance and ties with the Gulf states. When Biden took office, he repeated the same hostile rhetoric towards the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia. The catastrophe is that Biden’s positions have been translated into practical policies and steps taken by his administration that target the Gulf states. The Biden administration, in one of the biggest hostile moves, removed the Houthis from the terrorist list. Biden gave a free hand to the Houthis, who understood his decision as an American green light to escalate their terrorist operations from Yemen against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Then there is the great disaster, which is Biden’s rush to reach an agreement with Iran in at any price, deliberately marginalizing the Gulf states and ignoring their concerns and demands. A new agreement with Iran will lead to a major wave of Iranian terrorism against Arab countries…,” he said.

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