4 disastrous examples of Dems pulling the 'grenade pin'

For those who have served in uniform, the simple linkage is obvious: If you pull the pin on a hand grenade, a devastating explosion will quickly follow. However, when the pin is pulled by Democrats implementing their destructive domestic policies, there seems to be surprise over the ensuing explosion. It is as if little thought is given beforehand about the consequences of pin-pulling. To take editorial license with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s famous 2010 statement in support of Obamacare, it is suggesting, “We have to pull the grenade’s pin to see what will happen.”

Four such “pin-pulling” domestic policies initiated with no prior thought about their explosive consequences follow.

First is defunding police. The racially irresponsible acts of a miniscule number of police officers have triggered equally irresponsible Democrats into supporting this anti-police Black Lives Matter movement across the country. Apparently, the explosion in violent criminal activity comes as a surprise. At least six major cities are on pace to break the high levels of violent crime experienced the previous year with the largest increases in homicide rates occurring in Democrat-run cities.

As Democratic representatives duck questions about it, a Harvard poll reveals 64% of voters blame this on “woke politicians.” Democrats (52%) and independents (60%) agree. This poll also found police to be one of the most trusted U.S. institutions. But because of Democrats demonize police, an alarming number have committed suicide.

While promoting police defunding, these mental giants devoted very little thought to viable law enforcement options. One suggested teaming unarmed security forces and trained mental health workers together. Once the first of these is killed in the line of duty, causing others to depart, maybe progressives will recognize just how ridiculous the suggestion is.

Additionally, Democrats adopting a soft-on-crime attitude in cities they control, encouraging even more crime, cause businesses to leave. In San Francisco, residents now pack guns just to walk to work.

The second pin-pulling policy is our open southern border. Illegal immigrant numbers are the highest of the century, coming at a time our economy is still reeling from pandemic lockdowns, supply chain woes and out of control inflation. We are suffering the financial sting of allocating billions of dollars to the care and feeding of an illegal immigration flow of 5 million since Biden took office, and it shows no signs of abatement.

A consequence of this flow is the loss of 100,000 American lives due to the influx of illegal drugs – fueled by Mexican drug cartels, assisted by China. Over a seven-month period, Texas law enforcement seized enough fentanyl to kill every living U.S. citizen.

During a recent appearance by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas before a House committee, Rep. Michael Johnson, R-La., noted that drug cartels “are drowning our streets in fentanyl and other deadly substances that have made drug overdoses … the number one cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45.”

Additionally, countries like Venezuela are emptying prisons, sending their criminals to us. They are joined by an unknown number of terrorists – creating a mixed bag of evildoers with whom America will eventually have to cope.

As Vice President Kamala Harris audaciously says a border she has yet to visit is secure, we learn from Mexico’s president that President Biden wants open U.S.-Mexico-Canadian borders.

Third is the castration of the U.S. oil industry to make oil scarce and the premature push to get Americans transitioning from fossil-fueled to electric vehicles (EVs). A recent EV flaw revealed during Hurricane Ian demonstrated their batteries are susceptible to hard-to-extinguish chemical fires, triggered by flood waters. More forethought is required concerning these “mobile explosive vehicles” before fully relying upon them.

The fourth pin-pulling policy is transgenderism, totally dismissing its impact upon biological females. Transgenderism has now so clouded the gender issue that a female Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) nominee, asked during confirmation hearings to define what a “woman” is, declined to do so. The fact that nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, now a SCOTUS justice, is recognized as the first black female member of that esteemed court raises the question: How do we so recognize her if we cannot even define what a woman is?

Democrats apparently are unwilling to provide a definition lest they endanger the liberal cause of equating transgender “women” with biological women. Thus, they seem content in taking the approach enunciated by Justice Potter Stewart in a 1964 SCOTUS case concerning the definition of “hard” pornography. Unable to define it, Stewart declared, “I know it when I see it.”

Title IX was passed under the Education Amendments of 1972, banning sex-based discrimination in any school or educational program receiving federal funding. This gave a major boost to female school sports programs. Such programs have blossomed over the years – until recently. They have now been disrupted by a transgenderist wave drowning out fair competition within women-only sports.

It is obvious biological males have greater physical attributes than biological females. This is why the time logged by the world’s fastest male runner will never be bettered by the world’s fastest female runner – the result of differing hip structures. Similarly, the world record for the heaviest deadweight lift will always be held by males due to their strength advantage over females.

But liberals seek to ignore the fact when biological males transition to transgender females, they still retain these physical advantages. Thus Title IX is now unfairly applied in a way never intended by the 1972 law, allowing transgender women to benefit from this advantage in female sporting competitions.

Biological females, recognizing the unfairness of this, are now stepping up to challenge this as Democratic representatives refuse to do so. Ironically, if true fairness is sought for all four groups – biological males, biological females, transgender males and transgender females – the only real solution is tossing biology out the window, declaring four genders exist, each with their own qualifying participants. This would prevent any one gender from ever having an advantage over another.

It is outrageous Democrats have adopted pin-pulling strategies concerning their domestic policies. Every one delineated above has created needless devastation. As former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard explains, the political party she left is run by “fanatical ideologues.”

The social chaos, economic turmoil and body count of Americans felled by illegal drugs – all creations of Democratic policy – will continue for years to come. Biden, already serving as the oldest U.S. president in history, will probably not be around to ultimately be held accountable. Hopefully, voters will use the upcoming midterm elections to send him the message his presidency has been an absolute train wreck.

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