A conservative's New Year's resolution that'll change the world

By Kathy Bates

If a global pandemic and election chaos have taught us anything as conservatives, it is that now we know who our friends are. The masks have been torn off, so to speak. While it has been distressing over the years to watch entertainment, universities, major corporations, mainstream media, social media and professional sports become overtaken by the radical left, nothing prepared us for the morning after Election Day. We woke up in a strange new world where we discovered that even some of our trusted companions, like Fox News, were shacking up with the enemy.

Yes, 2020 has been a shock to our system. This was the year the globalists used COVID lockdowns to steal the U.S. election and simultaneously decimate a bulwark against socialism – the small family businesses that provide access to the American Dream. This was the year Big Tech was able to extinguish free speech and suppress evidence of game-changing voter fraud. 2020 was the year we blinked and realized we were now living in the Orwellian dystopia we once only read about.

Conservatives are despondent. I see people buying guns and expecting the worst, panicking about what the republic will look like after open borders, praying and fasting like never before, and holding out hope that the GOP will find the courage to save our country on Jan. 6.

But no matter what happens in the next few days, patriots have a powerful weapon to wield in this battle for the republic – if only we would use it.

I propose a New Year’s resolution for conservatives that could change everything – resolve to intentionally shift your clicks and dollars from enriching leftists to empowering conservatives.

If even half of the estimated 74 to 80 million Trump supporters left Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and Amazon all at once – these tyrannical near-monopolies would feel the pain.

It sounds so simple, but many patriots exhibit a kind of cognitive dissonance about this. They hate that Big Tech billionaires have a vise grip on free speech and threw the election for the Democrats – but they bought their Christmas gifts from Amazon and ask you to check out their latest Facebook post.

It’s time for us to be consistent – to leave these leftist organizations for good in 2021.

The left has been strategically taking dominion over every significant institution in the U.S. for years, while conservatives just went about their lives. Suddenly, it seemed that all the means of communication were run by those who hated us.

Call it Stockholm Syndrome or just plain laziness, but when these organizations started persecuting conservatives, we just put up with it.

We saw our fellow conservatives demonetized by YouTube, starved for traffic by Google, knocked off Facebook and banned from Twitter for sharing their conservative messages in these new virtual town squares. Yet, to our shame, there was no mass conservative exodus.

Worse, we gave the left our kids. We objected when Common Core and radical LGBTQ curricula were forced into even kindergarten classrooms – but most conservatives still sent their children to public schools. We whined when the secular universities hired radical-left professors, but we sent our 18-year-olds there anyway. Now millions of university students, many from our conservative homes, have been recruited as the “social justice warrior” army that now riots, votes and will soon lead our country.

Like a domestic violence victim who looks in the mirror at her bruised face and says, “I am done,” I hope we have finally reached the breaking point. I hope we look at the brazen theft of our election, the destruction of our First Amendment rights, the brainwashing of our youth and we close our wallet to the left. I hope we realize our culpability in creating the monsters that are now attacking us and that we finally resolve to starve them out in 2021.

Forgetting Fox

Fox News is collapsing after picking notorious anti-Trumper Chris Wallace as a debate “moderator,” calling states and the election prematurely for Biden and attacking those investigating election fraud.

Leave them for good and reward authentic conservative news outlets with your viewership and advertising dollars. I prefer WND, The Gateway Pundit, The Epoch Times and OANN – but there are many others.

Breaking up with Bezos

I realize most conservatives have Prime membership and use Amazon on a regular basis, but all this indiscriminate buying has made Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man in the world with an almost $200 billion net worth. And what does this guy do with his money? Recently, Bezos started an “Earth Fund” that will give $10 billion to climate change activists. He has promoted and donated to the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization. He bought the Washington Post and weaponized it, bludgeoning Republican candidates and spreading left-wing propaganda.

And is it any coincidence that onerous lockdowns by Democratic governors benefit Amazon, while further annihilating small family businesses? Bezos increased his net worth $40 billion just during the March to June lockdowns alone. Meanwhile, Yelp reports that 60% of businesses that closed during the pandemic will not be reopening.

Conservatives need to wean themselves off Amazon. Use one of many emerging video streaming sites, buy books from vendors like christianbook.com, and rediscover shopping at local small businesses. Reward bold patriot-run companies like MyPillow and Goya Foods. Imagine if the over 74 million Trump supporters each moved just ONE dollar from Amazon to worthy small businesses? A shift in millions of dollars would be noticed, and I suspect conservative customers would no longer be treated like doormats. We need to flex our financial muscles in 2021.

Saying goodbye to Google, turning your back on Jack, chucking Zuck

If blatant censoring of conservatives and Mark Zuckerberg’s giving $500 million to Democrat election manipulation in swing states is not enough for you to leave Facebook once and for all, I do not know what is. MeWe and USA.Life are two places conservatives are going instead of Facebook. Parler and Gab are options instead of Twitter. Rumble is a YouTube alternative. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that works well and does not track you. Find alternatives, transition off the leftist platforms, help save the republic.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” We conservatives need to snap out of our depression, trust God for the victory and have a vision to take back our country in 2021.

Besides registering conservative voters, working to elect patriots and fighting for election integrity, we need to extricate ourselves from the leftists who seek to use our money and children for their dystopian nightmare.

We need to see every dollar we spend as a weapon and intentionally arm the good guys, while disarming the bad actors. We need to homeschool our kids or work extra to put them in conservative schools.

We need to end toxic relationships by saying goodbye to Google, breaking up with Bezos and showing Jack and Zuck the door. This means lifestyle changes and learning to use alternative platforms. Yes, this new way of living in 2021 will take some getting used to – but then breaking up is hard to do.

Kathy Bates, M.S., is a former college English instructor, a conservative activist, a wife, and a homeschool mom to six.

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