A contemplation on the 'word salads' of our rulers

Sometimes a new phrase enters the national conversation so apt and fitting that it becomes like an echo, oft repeated. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas’ explanation of his claim that our borders are indeed completely secure comes to mind. Impossible without huge bowls of “word salad.” Most every defense of Biden’s destructive policies by his spokespersons can only be grasped as examples of “word salads.” Biden bragging about “his” great economy; the mainstream media proclaiming the various “evils” of Trumpism; the rationales for telling the victims of stolen elections to shut up or else – all of it, mind-numbing. Those justifying November’s improbable results of Kari Lake, Adam Laxalt and other critical Republican “defeats,” whose Republican down-tickets succeeded wildly, are only the latest examples.

Blue cheese dressing won’t help a Kamala Harris speech. Nor will rational analysis. We would like to think that her ability to communicate has simply become impaired by years of political double talking. But then we think again. There is a gaggle of Keystone-Kop-like speechwriters following Joe around, for sure, and we don’t have to see them to know of their presence. Committed members of the same Information Control Cadre are assigned to K.H. Actual information has become increasingly irrelevant. Rather, bombarding the minds of the serfs with lies so grotesque that they can serve only one purpose is the new norm, providing a simple choice: Believe this BS and escape the consequences of challenging the fact of our total control, or disbelieve it and realize that these lies are so big and grand as to be impenetrable by the pitiful likes of you.

As ever, and forever, throughout history, the bigger the lies successfully sold to the citizenry, the more perfectly the governing class feels its sense of control. Some measure of lying may become acceptable for the sake of civil society, but inevitably, failing to satisfy the soul of truth, the habit of lying becomes something debauched and pathetically gleeful to its practitioners.

We join the vast majority of U.S. citizens in a slow burn, responding to the word salads of the growing revolutionary left. “Equity” (steal from those who have earned and give to those who want, to accrue more power). “Racism” (accuse the virtuous of the hatred you seek to hide, to accrue more power). “Sexism” (Set up acrimony between sympathetic opposites, to accrue more power). “Socialism” (polite society’s word for the road to communism and total subjugation, t.a.m.p.). “Whiteness” (demand the majority guiltily bow and yield, t.a.m.p.). “XYZ-phobia” (fear those who can cancel you, and your work, and your family and friends, more than you fear the effect of these perversions, blindly justified and inflicted upon society, t.a.m.p.). “MAPS” for Minor Attracted Persons (the final frontier of the putrification of society, and, of course, t.a.m.p.)

We, of some meager faith, follow the track of the nation, and despair. Overwhelmed, we sputter and gasp at the panorama of evil coming ever more clearly into focus. This is more than the mind can contain as a whole, so we refer to a rational shorthand, a word salad of our own, but one of truth not fraud, recalling our dearest values. Faith. Freedom. Self-responsibility. Honesty and truth. Fearlessness and kindness. The Constitution. Equal rights and fairness. The respect for virtuous authority. Self-defense and the protection of the weak and disabled. Honest elections. Honest elections. Honest elections. All impossible without the freedom to speak and to challenge the current orthodoxy and the willingness to have our own ideas freely challenged.

Then we meet someone who refuses to despair, and we want to claim that person as a most dear friend. The boil must gather the disease to its fullest before it can burst. God wins in the end. His mighty hand was in the making of this nation, and He will mold a destiny to His liking. Look at the lies! They are dropping like flies! The narrative is reaching a point of utter unsustainability!

So, some of us have allowed a chant of doubt to creep into our minds, despite having accepted the promise of Salvation in Christ. “Unworthy! Unworthy! Unworthy!” And then, to be reminded (by someone we may best wish to have as a most dear friend) that none of us is worthy, no, not one, and yet His love is inviolate and His promise irrevocable.

Remember this and make potent your prayer for the nation. Move a mountain and throw it into the sea.

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