A few disturbing questions to ponder

If the most an NFL football player has to boast about as he faces the obscurity of leaving the game, is that he spent his entire career hiding the fact that he spent his nights reliving the visuals of being naked with 40-plus other men, then he hasn’t had much of a career. Anyone willing to argue that wasn’t the case for Carl Nassib, the potentially soon-to-be former Las Vegas Raiders defensive linesman obviously believes “denial” is a river in Egypt. Neither “proud nor heroic” are words I would use to describe him.

Continuing on: In my opinion, it’s not a surprise that Temple University’s “colored” professor Marc Lamont Hill claimed during an interview that all white people are racist and of racist origins. And let there be zero doubt – that is exactly what the acrimonious little hatemonger was saying when he stated: “All white people are connected to racism.”

I wish that I could say I was surprised that white people didn’t go “Antifa” on his behind, but alas, I cannot. I find it shocking that those whites who believed themselves to be his friends don’t feel betrayed by the man who smiled in their faces, while hating their guts. But then, many so-called whites treat being lied about, insulted and maligned as expressions of repentance because they come from stock who made proper decisions for their families.

Moving right along: I find it an insult to insanity that people are willing to be injected with an experimental drug that has documented life-altering side effects that include death. And let me not get started regarding my medically supported opposition to masking.

I find it beyond the limits of insanity that people are willing to believe that a woman paying a stranger to brutally and sadistically murder her baby and donating the body parts for use in experimental drugs we’re expected to believe are vaccines, is women’s health care. Someone please explain to me how a woman paying to have her child murdered is synonymous with women’s reproductive health care?

I’m willing to concede that Ella Emhoff’s public slutty display of her pileous body with her supposed boyfriend, as captured by dailymail.co.uk photographers, carries a certain individualized attraction; however, her stepmother, Kamala Harris, is another story.

In what scenario would decent parents who care about their daughters want them to pursue a career by being cheap trollops sleeping their way to national attention with married men? What decent parents would approve of their son marrying something so boastfully amoral?

Which brings us to the question: If, as we are expected to believe, the concubines and harem members of temple Hollywood are such “strong, independent, intelligent” women, why is necessary for them to avail themselves to every male and/or female in positions above them to get movie roles? Why is it necessary for such “strong, independent” women to be the sexual toys of the lowest life forms in media to maintain their jobs or to be promoted to positions with higher visibility?

How has America gone from being the envy of civilization and the home of opportunity for all regardless of skin color and status, to our being told daily by those who have profited the most that America is a horrible place?

How can a nation allow its children to be brainwashed into mental illness that persuades them to believe men are women and women are men?

Why are true born-again Christians demanded to accept and embrace the reprobate behavior God condemns and curses, but the biblical “Truth” who is Christ Jesus our Lord is denounced as unacceptable?

Why is every single thing the Word of God tells we who are truly His children to obey, we’re told is an act of intolerance? Shouldn’t homosexuals, transvestites and those who butcher their bodies in the insane belief that in so doing they can change the gender they were born be more concerned about standing before God and where they will spend eternity?

Specific to my point: Shouldn’t all of the wretched, unsaved politicians, godless propagandists in the media, et al. in tangential positions fear God more than they crave ill-gotten fortunes and gain? And that certainly applies to the Obama woman and her pathetic mate who made women’s dressing rooms available for men to use at their leisure as long as they claimed to think they’re women at that moment.

Multi-millionaire athletes and actors are cheered and celebrated by politicians and media as they curse America, dishonor our flag and denounce our national anthem.

For those of us old enough to remember, is this the America you dreamed of as a future for our children and grandchildren? If you answered no, has it occurred to you that you have been betrayed because you bought the lie that government, i.e., politicians, were our saviors?

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