A November 2022 shellacking of Democrats is not far away

Pundits on CNN and MSNBC continue to lie to America, claiming that Glenn Youngkin won the governorship of Virginia this week because he distanced himself from Donald Trump.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Youngkin and/or his staff sent several emails to me over the last 90 days referencing Donald Trump and promising to continue the policies he started. In addition, Trump and/or his staff sent several emails to me asking for contributions to help Youngkin.

If that is not enough proof Trump and Youngkin are allies, consider that Bill Kristol (anti-Trump conservative Republican) endorse Democrat Terry McAuliffe instead of Republican Youngkin. Why? Because Kristol claimed that Youngkin was aligned with Trump.

Once again, the liberal media cartel is lying to Americans. According to polling information from Fox News, Youngkin won because Virginians rejected Critical Race Theory, because of inflation, because of the loss of oil independence under Biden and because of Democrats’ taxes/spending/deficits/debt.

While Virginians who live just across the river from D.C. (deep-state government employees in Fairfax, Loudon and Arlington counties) voted overwhelmingly for McAuliffe, the rest of Virginia voted for Youngkin (except for Richmond … more government employees). Check out the map. See how much of Virginia is now red.

McAuliffe tried to tie Youngkin to Trump in every speech and interview, thinking that would hurt his opponent. It backfired, big-time. Trump voters turned out in droves to vote for Youngkin. McAuliffe actually helped Youngkin by linking Trump to him.

Who campaigned for McAuliffe? Obama, Biden, Harris. They campaigned desperately. McAuliffe lost – which means Obama, Biden and Harris lost.

Terry McAuliffe is a puppet of the Clintons and Obama, a banner carrier for the Democratic agenda ever since he was head of the DNC for Bill Clinton. The people of Virginia rejected McAuliffe after voting for Democrats for the last 16 years, and Tuesday saw a swing of 12 points away from the Democrats from the 2020 presidential election to this race for governor. A 12-point swing in just one year.

If Democrats want to be honest with themselves, they would look at the rejection of Democratic initiatives in Minneapolis and the razor-close race in New Jersey, along with the defeat of McAulliffe and the record low approval ratings for Biden and the rejection of what Biden and congressional Democrats have been doing in 2021, and they would then make adjustments to their agenda. They would stop dividing Americans by race.

But will they? Probably not. Instead, Democrats will continue to make excuses for losing and for Biden’s low approval ratings, so that they can continue to plod along more and more to the left and continue to rub race raw in an attempt to maintain the black vote.

That attitude is what caused Democrats to lose scores of House seats and several Senate seats in each of the midterm elections of 1994 (Clinton) and 2010 (Obama), presidents who also made excuses instead of corrections and who divided Americans by race instead of uniting us.

The November 2022 midterm elections are not very far away. If Republicans only win one Senate seat and five House seats from Democrats in 2022, then Republicans will control both houses of Congress for the last two years of Biden/Harris. As with Obama and Clinton, maybe then, Democrats will change their evil ways.

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