A prayer for 2022 – that truth, justice and Trump may return

By Jim Darlington

We grow weary. We despair.

We thought we had children. They cancel us.

We thought we had friends. They pretend we never were.

We wished to get up early and meet the morning sun going to work, but we’re sleeping in now, wondering if the government will feed us today.

We want to go out and breathe the fresh air, but we huddle inside, lacking the proper papers to roam, and we hope not to sneeze, lest our rulers forbid us one of the proven cures.

We hoped we had courageous leaders. But they only lead the timid, in those directions now officially permitted.

We knew that God gave us eyes to see. But we witness a nation clamoring for blindness.

We believed He gave us souls, innately able to perceive truth. We see the souls of men being rejected from within and slaughtered from without, as though a dangerous virus, and the world being immunized against such a faith, a faith that would acknowledge God and His purposed desire.

We knew our country had been stolen, almost immediately. Trump was the clear winner and then, in the dark hours, he wasn’t. In the “battleground states,” where it mattered, the counting was stopped … except it wasn’t. The stoppages occurred almost simultaneously. All of this occurred after the poll watchers had been sent home. And suddenly, Trump’s massive victory was flipped.

In singular strokes Biden’s numbers suddenly spiked impossibly, just where needed, while Trump’s numbers either ceased their steady increase or miraculously diminished.

The senators and congressmen that had proudly proclaimed their support for his values and accomplishments were swept to victory, almost universally, but the shirttails that had carried them all to victory showed up the next morning without the shirt itself. Their numbers had continued to rise in an even trajectory, through the long night of counting, while Trump’s ascending path supposedly fell off a precipitous cliff, just as Biden’s vote stopped spiraling toward the bottom of history and began to rise in the same sharp angle that Trump’s had first climbed.

We all knew there would be every manner of theft, but we clung to what we felt was a certitude, that it could not be accomplished on such a scale as to overcome the thronging popularity of the one who had stood, in a manner unprecedented, against all our enemies, to succeed in valuing America first and in making her great again.

But whoever wishes to live in a world that is mainly “nice,” and where men can be credited as being generally “good,” that person cannot and does not perceive the depths or the proximity of the evil that godless men will do.

After the election, we were sure that the theft could never stand. But it stood and stood in a clearly outlined profile – so well did every improbable aspect work in concert that nothing in any logical world could attribute it all to anything less than a plan, long in the making and unconscionably executed. Every legal objection was bumped to the next level, and we took heart that the truth was emerging and would come to the full light of day before the Supreme Court. In the justices’ final and voiceless dismissal, we were mocked. Our nation and all it had ever stood for was mocked and condemned to the calamity we now watch, unfolding each day, as our ultimate destruction nears, by measures taken with blinding speed and actions heretofore unimaginable.

What does this mean, asked wives everywhere, more than mine alone. It means that we might die fighting, answered the men everywhere, as I also did. But hold back your wrath, our leader commanded, as they intend to bring us such outrages that our well-placed reactions will be used to destroy us. Hundreds of thousands marched on the capital city, that day of reckoning, peacefully. They awaited a word from their elected officials, to see if they would stand by the screaming truth, known by all, or bow to the propaganda masters they feared more than they loved our nation.

Most of the gathered Patriots kept themselves at a distance, listening as Trump spoke. But some of those righteously angered went to the steps of the Capitol, where many were invited to come in, by the very guards whose numbers there were so strangely limited. Among those gathered there, outside, a few fools were hectored, almost exclusively, by the FBI’s agents provocateurs, there to repeat, in essence, the advantages to be gained by this new Reichstag fire. As the news of the “Insurrection” reached the floors of Congress, the cowards inside all breathed a sigh of relief, that they might therefore be able to justify their betrayal. And they certified the various states’ electoral votes, knowing, each one, that it was wrong, and thereby gave us Biden and his puppet masters.

What has happened since can lead to only one good result. It must be in 2022, not in 2024 – or this country will be lost, and the world will be lost, to the Oligarchs and to those they let breathe, only as buying units, utterly controlled servants and human pets.

I pray as follows. Please join me.

That every effort, surely planned to cheat the midterms, will be foiled, or, at least, prove insufficient. That the American people, We the People, will vote in such great and sacred numbers that those who would see this country die will shrivel and shrink in abject defeat, like venomous spiders before a holy flame. That the party of would-be communist tyrants will be so crushed as to never rise again. That then, with an unstoppable majority, and on the first day they are sworn in to defend our Constitution, the Congress will, with a singular and incontestable will, replace the old speaker of the House with a new speaker, who need not, by law, come from among their ranks, and then, immediately, that day, impeach and convict both the criminal usurper and his cohort in crime and replace them, by order of succession, with the new House speaker, Donald J Trump.

I also pray, that in accepting this affirmation of the great and profound love these American people have offered to our bravest and most determined president, that he would be found so humbled as to be freed, to not only boast of his successes, both past and promised to come, but to admit and ask forgiveness for his one greatest failure and misjudgment, promising to right that as well by ending our Wuhan-COVID-19 insanity and punishing those who chose to mislead us all. We pray that a man so beloved of his people would know that his and our greatest safety is beyond prideful vanities and found assuredly in the whole truth.

The vaccines will fall soon enough to cheap and proven early treatments, now being proved around the world. May they then be realized as the ashes from which we all rise again.

Jim Darlington was raised in the left and rebelled to the far left in the ’70s. Came to his political senses in the ’80s. Came to Jesus Christ in the ’90s. Now is praying for America. He is married to a wise woman who loves the Lord with a passion.

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