Abortion: A 'wombmate' has the right to survive

It is ironic timing.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) later this year will determine whether its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, legalizing abortion, remains the law of the land. Pro-life observers predict SCOTUS will render a life-changing decision while pro-abortionists obviously hope for a contrary result.

The line drawn between pro-life and pro-abortion positions is based on opposing perceptions as to when human life begins. At a minimum, pro-lifers embrace detection of a heartbeat, usually around the sixth week of pregnancy, as life’s beginning; pro-abortionists, however, fail to give a fetus the dignity of human life, sometimes even after its immediate separation from the womb – i.e., infanticide. Today, the lives of millions of unborn babies rests upon whether SCOTUS will affirm or overrule Roe v. Wade.

But the timing of a SCOTUS decision is ironic due to a 2022 NASA undertaking. Perhaps preparing to make the “big reveal” – i.e., that alien life exists – NASA is enlisting a platoon of theologians to help it understand just how humans might react should intelligent life be discovered on another planet.

It is ironic that while we have yet to agree on planet Earth when human life begins, we are already trying to prepare humanity to accept discovery of life elsewhere in the universe. It raises the question whether we will even recognize such life on another planet when we see it due to our reluctance to recognize it here.

Such reluctance enables pro-abortionists to easily ignore the reality of what an aborted fetus experiences. It is not dissimilar to one of the most horrific forms of execution used during the Middle Ages. It is the practice of quartering by which a victim’s limbs are torn from one’s body. It involved chaining the condemned’s limbs to more than one moveable object – such as four horses – which were then galloped in opposite directions to rip the body apart. Oftentimes failing to work as intended, it resulted in deaths being agonizingly slow. The terrorist group ISIS used the procedure on at least one female victim to tear her body apart with four vehicles.

Shockingly, we learn that five Planned Parenthood regional CEOs are earning more than $500,000 annually to continue this quartering procedure for killing the unborn. For some, abortion does pay.

While it may be easy for pro-abortionists to dismiss the pain a fetus must suffer as a human life undergoing such a procedure, more than 62 million of them have done so since Roe v. Wade became law. While looking within the four corners of the Constitution, the 1973 high court appropriately did not find any federally mandated right to abortion, instead using the 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection clauses to birth the law.

With Roe’s future uncertain, the pro-abortionist administration of President Joe Biden seeks to make it even easier to conduct abortions. His Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now enables death by mail. Previously requiring women seeking abortions to obtain pills from certified physicians, the FDA has approved mail-order pills from abortion suppliers via telemedicine consultations.

In an interesting step, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is forcing a vote Feb. 28 on the Women’s Health Protection Act before SCOTUS can rule on Roe v. Wade. In part, the act seeks to enshrine the “right” of abortion into federal law, undoing all existing limitations imposed by state abortion laws. Thus, it would effectively make pro-life legislation illegal. This is despite the fact, as mentioned previously, nowhere does the Constitution give the federal government the right to legislate abortions, which, therefore, should leave the states empowered to do as they choose.

If pro-lifers are correct and SCOTUS shoots down Roe v. Wade, we may well find a need to enlist NASA’s theologians to comfort distraught pro-abortionists into accepting the fact human life begins far earlier than they are willing to accept.

While a woman has the sole right to choose what she does with her body, that right has an expiration tag. Such a right enables her to determine whether to conceive or not, but once she allows conception, she yields all further rights to her “wombmate.” By giving residency within her body to a human occupant in fetal form, she has now granted it a vested right to survive and cannot simply dismiss it.

Pro-abortionists view a fetus as an “intruder” that can, at a woman’s sole discretion, be neutralized. Such a view is outrageous. Women must accept the reality that, by having granted a fetus residency, they now have a wombmate with whom the sole right to live or die rests. And, like any living organism, he or she will choose to live – especially when the alternative choice involves the painful, inhuman process of quartering.

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