Adoption, Tim McGraw's daughter & that Mach 1 Mustang

As the national debate over abortion continues, there continue to be long lines of would-be parents waiting to adopt in America. We know.

It took years of my wife and I being childless and wanting to adopt. Attempt after attempt failed because of “a shortage of children who could be adopted.” So, we understand firsthand the heartache so many longing to invite a child into their family must go through.

Our remarkable, adopted baby boy we were fortunate enough to get after years of waiting is now grown and given us two adorable grandchildren. He and now his little family have been the biggest blessing in our lives. But they almost didn’t happen.

We learned when he turned 18 that he narrowly escaped abortion on two separate occasions – his young birth mother was literally on the steps of the clinic one of those times before running away to give him a chance at life. She told us she found Jesus in the process, so our son, “led her to Christ.”

But to think that some “doctor” that very pivotal day would have whistled while he worked and went for a sandwich afterward is stomach-turning. Of course, I never blame a young birth mother. I blame an evil, politically motivated system that makes a woman think abortion is perfectly acceptable, “legal” and therefore a good choice. The speaker of the House says so.

We’ve known so many over the years that have agonized over the decision they made to abort a child. If you are one of them, please know God loves you and your child is already with Him as we speak.

One of the chief complaints of the radical left is that if these “unwanted” children were to be given life, they might go unloved or unadopted. That has never been the case in our Nation Under God – as the lengthy waiting lists confirm beyond any remaining doubt.

That’s why it was confusing this week when the official spokesperson for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Gracie McGraw (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter), backed out of an important adoption fundraiser after the Roe-reversing decision by the Supreme Court was handed down.

The statement from her talent agency in New York reads:

“Due to the recent events of the Roe v. Wade overturn by the Supreme Court, Gracie will need to pull out of the David Thomas foundation event. Women’s reproductive rights are important to her, and she is very much pro-choice. The fact that Ohio is a pro-life state with anti-abortion policies going into effect makes Gracie feel uncomfortable traveling there at this time. …”

I happen to live in the exact same area in Middle Tennessee as the McGraw family. I sincerely hope that Gracie does not feel uncomfortable visiting her parent’s “pro-life state.” I want to assure her it’s safe to do so. Conversely, I hope she’s not spending too much time on the streets of pro-choice New York, where a lack of comfort is certainly more understandable.

As an adoptive father of a son who narrowly escaped abortion, I appeal to Ms. McGraw to reverse her decision and do all she can do to facilitate adoption over taking life in the womb. She, along with each of us would do well to remember we were “fetuses” earlier in life. But regardless of her views on life or the commitment to the Dave Thomas Foundation she’s backed away from, you have the opportunity right now to be an even greater spokesperson if you’re reading this.

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The abortion debate has decidedly moved to action now for those of us who understand the value God places on a single human life. Purchase your inexpensive raffle ticket(s) here. We just purchased 100 entries after hearing that Gracie McGraw withdrew her support.

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