Advice for Trump: This time, fire ALL U.S. attorneys!

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I’ve got some advice for Donald Trump.

When you’re elected president in 2024, don’t be a nice guy.

The Deep State proved they hate you. The U.S. attorneys proved they hate you. The entire Washington establishment proved they hate you.

Take a cue from Bill Clinton. Do what he did. On day one, fire ALL the U.S. attorneys in the country. Get rid of all of them. Don’t think twice about it. You’re not going back to win any popularity contests. You’ll be playing to win. And this is how you do it.

Such a move is not unprecedented, as I said. Clinton, probably spurred on by Hillary, brought on Janet Reno as attorney general to do the dirty work. You, on the other hand, brought on Jeff Sessions, who crippled you by recusing himself from the investigation into supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election. It was merely a ruse, a hoax, for tying you up for the next two years in the Robert Mueller phony investigation.

The next thing you must do is fire FBI Director Chris Ray. You might recall that Clinton hired Louis Freeh, whose FBI issued a report explaining that the No. 1 terrorist threat facing America came from right-wing Christians, not Islamists. Remember, the No. 1 terrorist threat you will face is subversive, insurrectionist, election-stealing Democrats. Don’t let them cheat you again. Take nothing for granted. Treat them like they treated you and others. Again, Reno went on to personally supervise the incineration and massacre of innocent men, women and children at a compound in Waco, Texas.

Although Clinton made us wince with his action, winners of the presidency have the right. President Ronald Reagan did it in his first term. It’s customary. It makes sense for you. As a matter of fact, you should fire every holdover you can. Start preparing a list of replacements now. You will need them.

Just think of what these people are capable of if they are kept in their positions.

Merrick Garland declared war on parents with schoolkids. He locked up MAGA people who survived Jan. 6 and threw away the key. His flunkies railroaded the guys who supposedly were set to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. And he orchestrated the siege against peaceful pro-lifers. He’s a disgrace.

And don’t stop there. Fire everyone you can.

The CIA, the NSA, propagandists at Public Broadcasting and NPR and Voice of America – they all have to go. It’s housecleaning time. Bring back the previous standards for the U.S. military. Leave no stone overturned. There are 87,000 new IRS agents in the pipeline. We don’t need any of them.

And don’t forget about reorganizing the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services. There’s so much corruption there.

I hope you’ve got a strong stomach and a long memory. Take no prisoners next time. Get your Rolodex prepared. You are going to need it.

And don’t forget to take Big Tech down and save the First Amendment.

I’m rooting for you.

Mr. President, your first term was great. As a matter of fact, it was the best first term for any president in memory. But who knows what your enemies are planning? Will there be a another pandemic? More surprises? You betcha.

But be calm. Be prepared for anything they throw at you.

And make America great again.

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