Afghanistan: Blame nation-building Suits, not the Boots

To this day, you’d be hard-pressed to think of even a single battle America has lost because the “Boots” didn’t meet or exceed expectations. The military is made up of fighting men and women. That’s what we do, and there’s no one better.

Looking back, the Afghanistan debacle is almost exclusively the fault of the “Suits” – the inside-the-Beltway boys and girls who think they know it all but couldn’t fight their way out of wet paper bag.

It’s been 19 years since we achieved our original objective in Afghanistan.

You mean we actually had one? Yep – we did.

That original objective was to break the backs of al-Qaida, their training of terrorists and planning of attacks, kill them or run them out and kick the Taliban’s a– for helping and harboring them.

As George W. Bush famously announced at Ground Zero after the 9/11 terror attacks: “I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

And thanks to our Boots, we accomplished this task by March 2002, a mere five months after it began.

But then the Suits got involved, and the “mission” became a social experiment and yet another pathetic attempt at nation-building. So here we are some 20 years after 9/11, surrendering once again, a la Saigon 1975.

And don’t for a second fall for the line that it’s not at all like Vietnam. It’s just like it, more than likely including the horrific aftermath of our exit. We thought that region was unstable before? Just wait.

We have the same people, the same Suits, the “nation builders,” the social engineers, firmly entrenched inside the Washington Beltway, to thank for another failure. And I count not only civilians, but also high-ranking military – the more stars on their collars they accumulate the more they forget where they came from, opting instead to become political hacks.

Is our “expert” class ever going to figure out that you can’t turn a tribal nation into a “democracy” with a centralized national government? So far the answer is clearly no.

We evacuated Bagram Air Base, our largest and most heavily fortified base in Afghanistan, without a thought as what to do with who knows how many terrorist prisoners from ISIS and al-Qaida still locked up there. The Taliban show up and release every last one. Imagine that.

Some prisoners were transferred to Bagram from Gitmo, so you know they’re really good guys and will never think of attacking us or our allies as retribution for their imprisonment. Instead I’m sure they’ve already renounced terrorism and will all just go home.

The world is watching as we turn tail and run once again. A draw down is one thing, but the global optics shows a complete lack of will by our “leadership,” if you can even call them that.

Now I’m not one who usually gives a crap about optics, but you can be sure that China is watching. So is Iran, North Korea and other enemies. And you know who else is watching? Taiwan, who is probably figuring that the woke and weak American “superpower” is not likely to have their back when China decides to come calling – sooner than later.

After this debacle, who will trust that America has their back? No one – that’s who.

So, what could have been done in lieu of just running away?

As I see it, two things have to be considered. First is that no one wants this war to just drag on endlessly for the sake of the pinhead nation builders in D.C. But second, anyone with a brain knows that Afghanistan will now become a terrorist safe haven.

Well, America maintains about 800 military bases of various sizes all over the globe. What’s a few more? Why not maintain maybe just three or four well fortified bases to run anti-terror campaigns out of? Maybe Bagram Air Base in the north, Kandahar in the south and either Herat or Shindand in the west, bordering Iran. If any trouble arises, we conduct air assaults, blow whoever into oblivion and return to base.

Of course, such a strategy would require the woke political hacks who have been running things to step aside and allow some actual war-fighters to run things. So, in other words, this is a pipe dream. And once again, our American fighting men and women who sacrificed for mission after mission are left wondering what it was all for, while no one in “leadership” will be held accountable for their miserable failures.

No one will be fired; no one will resign out of shame because they evidently have none. Instead they will be free to plan their next nation-building social experiment, complete with trans-warriors and rainbow flags.

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