Amazon, on China's side, pulled BIG strings for Xi's book

Geesh! Just think of this.

When Communist China’s dictator, Xi Jinping, wrote a book, Amazon knew just what to do to make it a success – a big success thanks to good-old-fashioned propaganda, which conveniently works out to bigger bucks for both Xi and the online giant.

It began with Amazon partnering with a state-owned company called China International Book Trading Company and creating a portal, called China Books, that unabashedly – and unashamedly – promotes Chinese Communist Party material, even forbidding negative reviews.

Keep in mind, that includes prohibiting reviews that mentions any support of China’s campaign of GENOCIDE against Uighur Muslims, China’s official position defending the Tiananmen Square slaughter, Xi’s hyperbolic rhetoric about invading Taiwan, the illegal occupation for Hong Kong, the invasion of Tibet, the taking of Hainan Island, the execution of between 1 million and 2 million landlords, starving between 15 million and 35 million, and killing an estimated 100 million of its own people during the Cultural Revolution – said to be the worst genocide in history – not to mention the nation enforcement of limits on family size and forced abortion.

All of this can’t be mentioned – and plenty more.

In fact, Amazon agreed to no reviews that are “less-than-perfect” in praise of Xi’s writing.

This treatment is unprecedented for any author by American billionaire Jeff Bezos, the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, who owns the Washington Post.

This is big business for Bezos, allowing him to further penetrate the Chinese e-commerce market and grow demand for its Kindle e-readers and cloud-computing business in the region.

“The key element to safeguard,” one internal document spelling out the company’s strategy for the region read, “is the China Books project.”

Many of the books sold in Amazon’s Chinese marketplace include propaganda materials, such as “Incredible Xinjiang: Stories of Passion and Heritage.”

Amazon also took down a “link to China’s new blockbuster film, ‘Amazing China,’ because of especially harsh user reviews” in 2018 at the request of the Cyberspace Administration of China, Beijing’s online regulator.

Is Amazon in the back pocket of the Chinese Communists?

That would be unequivocally YES.

“Ideological control and propaganda is the core of the toolkit for the Communist Party to achieve and maintain its success,” an internal Amazon document reads. “We are not making judgment on whether it is right or wrong.”

That would translate to not making judgments on what is right or wrong about anything heretofore mentioned in this piece – or left out.

Do you believe this? Do you still trust Big Tech? Is Amazon still an American company?

This is similar to the unimaginable and unthinkable attitudes of companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter – the largest American companies with incomparable CCP support.

Amazon’s then-head of global policy Jay Carney, a former Barack Obama administration official, visited China in April 2018 and met with CIBTC executives to work on the partnership and develop China Books. Another coup! Reminds me of Hunter Biden’s deals with China.

Amazon said it “complies with all applicable laws and regulations, wherever we operate, and China is no exception.” The e-commerce giant added that “as a bookseller, we believe that providing access to the written word and diverse perspectives is important. That includes books that some may find objectionable.”

An example of what China finds objectionable is the Bible, which Amazon agreed not to make available there – with no exceptions.

This is convenient for Amazon. It allows for completely different standards of operation in China and the U.S.

Do you see what’s going on with American companies’ corporate policies when it comes to the one existential enemy of the United States?

Think of the repercussions. Think of the consequences. Think of the reverberations.

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