Americans say armed citizens are best defense to mass shootings

(Photo by John Ch on Unsplash)
(Photo by John Ch on Unsplash)

Only about one-third of Americans responding to a new poll believe that local and federal law enforcement agencies are capable of protecting families during a mass shooting event.

A plurality, in fact, say the best defense for life in those situations is the American population that is armed.

The poll is from Convention of States Action, which worked with the Trafalgar Group, on the project.

Results come from surveys conducted July 7-10 of more than 1,000 likely 2022 election voters.

Regarding the issue of being protected “in the event of a mass shooting,” 41.8% said “armed citizens” are the best. Local police were cited by 25.1% and federal agents by 10.3%. Another 22.8% said none of the above.

“Americans watched in horror as an active shooter was permitted to rampage through a school while the police stood outside and did absolutely nothing. Over and over again, citizens are given the clear message that—when it comes to protecting loved ones—you’re on your own. At the same time, we’re told guns are the problem and we should give up our right to self-defense,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action.

“Voters are not stupid. They understand that responsible citizens offer the best means of protecting our schools, homes, and communities in this country. Pursuing such policies is not only bad politics, it puts all of us at risk.”

Only 16.3% of Democrats, who largely have supported significant gun control agendas, say armed citizens are their best defense, while 31.4% said local police and 18.5% said federal agents. But among that political persuasion, 33.9% had no confidence in any of the options.

Among Republicans, 70.4% said armed citizens are the best defense, while 18.4% chose either local police or federal agents.

Unaffiliated voters split 36.4% to 28% for armed citizens and local police, with a small number choosing federal agents.

Overall, only 9.8% said they are very confident local law enforcement and government officials “could identify and stop a violent person before they started a mass shooting.”

Another 28.1% said somewhat confident, but 62.2% said not very or not confident at all.

Among Democrats, the numbers were 33.5% very or somewhat confident, and 66.4% not very or not at all confident.

Republicans, the party advocating for the Second Amendment, express some confidence by a margin of 48% to 51.9%.

Among independents, 69.1% said they were not very or not at all confident in the ability of law enforcement to prevent disaster.

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