America's godless 'controllers' vs. the 'Restrainer'

There are no boundaries that evil and wickedness will not exceed without an immutable “Restrainer.” It’s for this reason the Constitution was always going to be susceptible to the sinfulness of godless mankind.

I argue that it’s precisely because of the plasticity of the godless that John Adams cautioned: “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (John Adams to the Massachusetts Militia, Oct. 11, 1798.)

Specific to Adams’ warning, America has become little more than a reliquary to what she could have been. Our Founding Fathers were anything but fools. They endeavored their best to secure America from godless, agenda-driven progenitors of subjugation.

I submit it’s for this precise reason the godless have twisted the words of our Founding Fathers, resulting in emissaries of Satan masquerading as justices, judges and politicians charged with upholding and defending the Constitution, but who are instead responsible for its deconstruction.

Which brings me to the following point: Morality doesn’t evolve; it transmogrifies into something unrecognizable unless the boundaries of propriety are well-defined and punctuated with the promise of undesirable consequences for the violation of same.

The key to enforcement is to punish the violator, not an inanimate object. The punishment of inanimate objects for the commission of a crime or carelessness is an affront even to stupidity.

Consider the SUV. The miniscule segment of society that is anti-fossil fuel is a perfect example of the myopathy I reference. That element decided that SUVs were the absolute worse things on earth save for prayer in public schools, the Second Amendment, all objections to the systematic extermination of children and opposition to the insane promotion of sexual perversion.

We’ve witnessed breathless reporters and print articles advancing the lie that an SUV killed someone or caused an accident. My family and I have had pickup trucks and SUVs; I can tell you not one of either ever caused an accident. Neither ever ran off the road on its own volition.

There are over 22,000 gun laws in the United States. Not one of those laws has prevented evildoers from wreaking havoc and murder. Notwithstanding, after every school shooting there is an orchestrated, and I might add senseless, cry for more gun laws. The so-called media, politicians and anti-gun lunatics who are desperately compromised when it comes to reason and cogent thought storm the airways with prepared jeremiads and maudlin tales of woe.

Only those given over to idiocracy argue that you can stop or prevent evil by punishing those who abide by the law. However, rather than understand that simple truth, these diminished-capacity Marxian cultural-socialists attempt to obfuscate common sense.

They dictate what kind of guns we should be able to own, always including the argument that we do not “need” high-capacity magazines. We don’t need okra and Nancy Pelosi, but we have both. And it is far from being ipse dixit to suggest that politicians have the best interest of We the People in mind.

It is a conundrum the likes of a Gordian knot that anti-Second Amendment advocates fail to understand truth. The truth is, again: Not one of the more than 22,000 gun laws on the books today has prevented one crime that was committed by a person or persons with a gun.

It is the absolute height of dishonesty and purposeful deceit not to tell the truth, i.e., guns do not kill people; people kill people. I grew up with guns in the house all of my life, and not one of those guns killed an animal on its own nor ever walked out of the house under its own power.

Morality transmogrifies, but it doesn’t evolve. To prevent the transmogrification of morality there must be a “Restrainer.” The “Restrainer” cannot be a human element. Human element “Restrainers” are highly susceptible to corruption. Remember, it was the human element that failed in its responsibility to protect all lives; it has failed in its responsibility to permit the freedom to worship – restricting same instead to designated places within a community.

An egregious part of this demonic transmogrification is that it denies truth on every level. That which is good and substantial becomes bad and is portrayed as such. The patently bad and substandard suddenly becomes as necessary for life as air and water.

The neo-Leninist Democrats and Republicans alike are not interested in a proper theocratic “Restrainer”; they’re interested in subjugation of We the People. The only difference between the two parties is the way they go about accomplishing their objectives.

I, for one, refuse to participate or allow such abject stupidity to compromise my singular recognition that the Holy Spirit is the “Restrainer” in the America that I call home.

Owing to the transmogrification of morality, which in essence became the absence of morality, we live in a zeitgeist where every form of perversion and corruption is applauded and any opposition to same is demonized.

IMPORTANT NOTE: America’s innocent young children are shockingly being subject to massive recruitment efforts by LGBT and transgender groomers in the nation’s schools. Alongside this, the rest of the deranged Biden agenda continues to unfold, from engineering an ever-growing full-scale foreign invasion of America, to destroying the nation’s fossil fuel industries while purposely creating sky-high inflation, to bringing America to the brink of nuclear war. Now, the very same political, cultural and sexual revolutionaries responsible for all of this chaos and madness have finally dared to “come out” and publicly identify exactly who they consider to be their biggest enemy: CHRISTIANS. That’s right. Bible-believing, Judeo-Christian morals-affirming Christian believers – the kind who founded America, wrote her Constitution, and defended her with their lives for centuries – are now considered the biggest enemy threatening the future of America! This almost unbelievable trend is documented in the stunning June 2022 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine (available in both print and digital editions), titled “ELITES FINALLY REVEAL THEIR #1 ENEMY: CHRISTIANS.”

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