America's 'stall indicator' is blaring – will we heed it?

If you’ve ever heard the unmistakable stall indicator in the cockpit of an aircraft when drag exceeds lift – something my flight instructor made me experience often when taking flying lessons – it never fails to get your attention. Manage to tune out such a clear and present danger warning and it will not end well for you or your passengers.

America’s “stall indicator” is blaring – and we would do well to act. Immediately.

Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer cautioned that “relativism” would facilitate the destruction of Western civilization as far back as the mid 1960s. Schaeffer recognized the early stall warning and attempted to sound the alarm with every fiber in his being.

Oblivious in a purple haze of so-called enlightened ideals, we’ve become the first generation of Americans no longer tethered to even the most basic mooring post of truth. Timeless truths that were once universally accepted as building blocks of civilized societies have been reduced to little more than “social constructs” created by narrow-minded people who “cling to their guns and Bibles” and outdated Judeo-Christian values.

In the intellectually dishonest process, we’ve become the first American generation of unapologetic hedonists: vulgar, proud and arrogant, marching in the streets while the rest of us hide the kids.

Nowhere is the stall warning more evident than in the increasingly confusing “brave” new world of gender dysphoria. Watch the trailer for Matt Walsh’s upcoming documentary, “What is a Woman?” if you have remaining doubts.

Occam’s Razor asserts, “The simplest answer is usually the right one.” For those of us who don’t want to overthink modernity’s preposterously circuitous gender riddle, the simplest answer is: “He created them male and female and blessed them” (Genesis 5:2)

Thankfully, both Scripture and biology align perfectly on the topic.

Biologically speaking, gender is not difficult to figure out. Honest gay people will tell you as much. Anything beyond this profound gender reality is another intentional diversion from both creation and science and carries with it profound risks, particularly for our children.

Last week the Biden administration made it clear that he does not want your children’s school to enjoy federal funding for lunch programs unless it openly permits biological boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. Another stall warning.

Living in the values-free zone of modern America, we’ve had to reimagine not just the roles of gender and the family but just about everything in our ever-mutating, arbitrary values system. It’s become chaotic and brutish.

Don’t think it’s been easy for my generation to disregard thousands of years of cultural norms and create its own social structure and moral code from the ground up. It was a monumental undertaking with countless perfectly natural barriers we had to blow up along the way. The audacity of false hope in my “free love” generation was impressive.

Failing to appreciate the deadly, gravity-like cause and effect of abandoning God’s most basic laws, we found it necessary to fix blame on this group or that group when our Woodstock “utopia” – good music but lots of mud, dysentery, sexually transmitted disease, not enough drinking water, food, blankets, or bathrooms – continually eluded us.

Given the level of cognitive dissonance purposefully seeded by “progressive” social engineers, groupthink reasons that problems resulting from our own errant behaviors must surely be someone else’s fault. As a result, finger-pointing and political differences have divided us to unimaginable levels – many now say worse than pre-Civil War days.

It goes without saying that we should prepare to face warlike consequence in our new relativistic culture of division and contempt, as some are deemed worthy to pull into a gas station, eat in a public restaurant or go to a movie theater, while others are not at all worthy or “welcomed anytime, anywhere,” as inanely shouted by a sitting member of Congress.

I live near the battlefields of Franklin, Tennessee, which are now picturesque rolling hills with wooden fences. But they were once ankle deep with the blood of our countrymen divided against each other, my relatives from the North fighting to reunite the states against slavery just as innocent rank-and-file young men from the South were forced to fight a war they had nothing to do with.

The bloodshed is unthinkable today as we sit in coffee shops and eateries close to where so many lost their lives. Of course, the terrifying difference in the new civil war that’s brewing is the lack of clearly defined territorial lines.

But division is an age-old military strategy enemies at home and abroad are delighting in. To deadly effect, America’s cultural fault lines are becoming less bridgeable with each passing year.

Those engaged in such divisive “gender and racial identity” politics initially thought they could control the destructive practice around election cycles, kind of like lighting a fire in a fire pit then dousing it out until the next fire was useful. However, the highly emotional fires they’ve stoked are raging out of control and consuming our children.

God “hates division.”

So, as if to hasten their own eternal demise, the hegemonic elite have found it politically useful to pit brother against brother, race against race, innumerable “gender” against gender, class against class, restaurant patron against restaurant patron, American against American. In such a moment of political desperation, they’ll undoubtedly think of additional ways to divide and conquer.

To the cultural elite so deeply vested in the politics of division and relativism it’s become like holding a wolf by its ears – you may not like it anymore, but you dare not let go now.

America’s “stall warning” is screaming at us to pull up, and there is precious little time left to act.

We can correct America’s death spiral at the next election – think of pulling the switch for responsible leaders as pulling up the yoke and saving your family from certain destruction. It may well be your last opportunity to heed the unmistakable stall warning for the sake of your children.

Spread the warning like your life depends on it.

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