Amnesty International's claims of Israeli apartheid get shredded

A new claim from Amnesty International that Israel is an “apartheid” state has backfired, with a report from JihadWatch documenting how not only are the results in question, so is the timing.

The Jerusalem Post said at the beginning of the month that Amnesty International accused Israel of apartheid.

But the Post report documented: “However blatantly false the charge – as even noted by the head of Israel’s leading Islamist party – the allegation exposes more about Amnesty’s hypocrisy, incompetence, and anti-peace narrative than it does about reality in Israel.”

The report pointed out Amnesty International claimed the report took four years ago assemble, but it, in fact, appeared just a year after the newest of the Abraham Accords and begins with discussions about 2021.

The Post bluntly said, “Amnesty does not support the accords and the peace and cooperation they have forged between Israel and its new Arab partners. While Amnesty has yet to applaud the accords’ achievements, one Amnesty publication has asserted that the ‘so-called normalization’ efforts ‘cannot be understood as peace deals in the context of Israel and Palestine.'”

In fact, the Accords, first orchestrated by President Trump, have brought open trade, recognition and commitments of peace between Israel and several of its Arab neighbors.

JihadWatch pointed out, “Amnesty released its report when it did because it wanted to stop the momentum for more Arab states to join the Abraham Accords. For Amnesty doesn’t want Israel to be accepted by its Arab neighbors; it wants the Palestinians to remain at the center of Arab and Muslim concerns. It hoped with its report to so blacken Israel’s image that no Arab regime would now dare to join the Abraham Accords.”

The reported continued, “It hasn’t worked out that way. Not a single Arab state has praised Amnesty’s report on ‘apartheid’ Israel; how that must offend Amnesty’s Secretary-General Agnès Callamard and its Special Adviser on the Middle East, Philip Luther, the people most responsible for the report.”

JihadWatch reported: “‘Apartheid’ is the epithet of the hour in the attempt by that worldwide army of Israel-haters to undermine the Jewish state. It’s a word plucked from a very different time and place: South Africa before 1994. It is grotesque to call Israel an ‘apartheid state.'”

It’s fact that Arabs in Israel are in the national legislative body, the Knesset, are on the Supreme Court and are sent abroad as diplomats.

“The chairman of Israel’s largest bank, Bank Leumi, is an Arab. Jews and Arabs work together in the same offices and factories. Jewish and Arab medical personnel provide medical care to Jewish and Arab patients. Jews and Arabs play on the same sports teams and in the same orchestras. The captain of Israel’s national soccer team is an Arab. Jews and Arabs co-own restaurants and clothing stores and computer shops. Jews and Arabs work together in high-tech start-ups. The only difference in the legal treatment of Jews and Arabs is that Jews must, while Arabs may, join the IDF,” the report said.

The result of Amnesty’s claim is that its findings have been rejected widely, as officials in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., Germany, Czechia, Austria, and more rejected it outright.

And no nation praised the claim, though radical elements of the Middle East, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were pleased, the report said.

And the report followed just months after several employees of the organization in the U.K. claimed they had been discriminated against because on their race.

They accused the international group of helping perpetuate human rights abuses.

JihadWatch explained, “Amnesty has come out of this moral mess of its own making with its standing in the NGO world much diminished. Never before have so many important countries denounced its findings; never before has not a single country praised its handiwork.”

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