An apology to John Durham

I’ve been debating whether to write this or not. I guess maybe because I’m still so angry over what was done to President Trump by countless Deep State operators going all the way to the top of the Democratic food chain. And worse, because so few people came out to publicly defend him.

Even now, after all the proof has surfaced that President Trump did absolutely none of what he was accused of for so many years, so few are rallying around him or simply apologizing to him. And we wonder why more good people don’t get into politics.

Those of us who supported the president knew that he would never have done what the left accused him of – namely the ridiculous Russia collusion nonsense. If nothing else, we know how much Trump loves America and that he would never do anything to undermine it.

We also know with unwavering certainty that the soulless, leftist radicals who aligned against and accused Trump of these “crimes” would sell out their own mothers to further their own power.

It’s clear that they will do anything to win and will attempt to destroy anyone who stands in their way. To them, there is no right or wrong. There is only power and control.

The one thing you can always count on regarding the left is, whatever they accuse someone of doing is exactly what they have either already done or fully intend to do. You can make book on it! And whatever they say is the opposite of what they did or intend to do.

I’ve had my issues with Trump, as many conservatives have. Mostly it’s been over his inane tweeting and bluster. But this was relatively easy for me to overlook due to his America-first, common-sense and constitutional policy decisions.

Just give us constitutionally conservative policy, and you can bloviate and tweet to your heart’s desire.

Many of us conservatives did take issue with some of his hiring decisions and Supreme Court appointments. He listened to the wrong people – people who did not have his interests in mind, nor the country’s.

A couple of those decisions were William Barr as attorney general and John “Bull” Durham as special counsel. I figured, he we go again – just a couple Deep-Staters Trump got conned into hiring.

A couple years ago I even wrote a rather scathing WND column entitled, “Barr & Durham: From supposed bulldogs to Deep State lapdogs.”

To say it was less than flattering is an understatement. I’m still convinced that long-time Washington insider Barr is likely who I thought he was, but Durham is a different story. It seems that I and other conservatives were very wrong about him.

Durham is now in the process of linking all the smarmy, treasonous leftists to this heinous setup of President Trump. If everything Durham is uncovering is true, these crimes by the Dems and their media and corporate accomplices are worse than anything our nation has ever endured. Worse than Watergate or Teapot Dome. Infiltrating the computers in the office of the president? Are you kidding? I’m not sure Agatha Christie or Robert B. Parker, or even Arthur Conan Doyle could have dreamed this up.

Looking back, I think I and others got caught up in the emotion of wanting swift justice. Instead of looking at the near impossible situation Durham was thrust into, we all wanted heads to roll – and we wanted it done right then.

But reasonably, we also know the wheels of justice turn slowly, if at all, for elitists. But with some luck and good people, they may still turn. And it’s looking like John Durham just might be one of those good people. Against all odds and likely every road block imaginable placed in his path, Durham may just throw a wrench or two into America’s most notorious crime syndicate – the Democratic Party.

So thank you, John Durham, for sticking to it when this conservative all but abandoned you.

And as a “lesson-learned” postscript: Let us not get our hopes up that any of these treasonous Democrats will ever see the inside of a prison cell, or will even stand trial. And when nothing happens to them, let us not blame Durham. That’s not his job. Unfortunately, the reality is that he will have to hand things off to Washington insiders – Republican and/or Democratic, and likely nothing will happen.

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