Andy, Barry and Joe – the Dems' Larry, Curly and Moe

Of course, the one major difference between the original Three Stooges – Larry Fine, Curly Howard and Mo Howard – and the Democrats’ three stooges – Andrew Cuomo, Barack Obama and Joe Biden – is that the originals merely acted foolish.

The originals also worked together as a team. The Dem stooges acted alone. For two weeks running, each of the three took center stage in a dumb show of his own making, and, shockingly, Big Media booed all three.

After months of pre-production, the Cuomo show hit Broadway on Aug. 3 when New York State Attorney General Letitia James released a blistering 165-page report. Had the report focused on the thousands of needless nursing home deaths for which Cuomo was responsible, the audience would have felt guilty about enjoying the spectacle.

As we know, however, Democrats fret more about pinching fannies than killing grannies. And Cuomo, the party’s only alpha male, was accused of doing the things alpha males have been doing since Caesar first pinched Cleopatra: “unwanted groping, kissing, hugging, and inappropriate comments.”

The media-Democratic complex encouraged the “survivors” – that’s the word the media actually uses – of Randy Andy’s unwanted attention to come forward, and come forward they did.

As I argued in WND two weeks ago, there was nothing spontaneous about the staging of this spectacle. As Tara Reade and Juanita Broaddrick can attest, the media shy from exposing bad behavior by Democrats. The worse the behavior, the less keen are the media.

In Cuomo’s case, however, someone gave the media the green light, and unless I miss my guest, she was the same women who made sure “Juanita” did not become the catchword “Monica” did. As it happens, the missteps by Barry and Joe may hasten this lady’s return to power.

No sooner did the Cuomo story start to fade than Barack Obama – “Barry” to old friends – sprung into the spotlight on Aug. 7. In my own humble role as Nostrobamas, I predicted the Barry birthday bash would be a public relations nightmare even before the Delta variant crashed the party.

So bad were the “optics” that that Maureen Dowd of the New York Times headlined her op-ed “Behold Barack Antoinette.”

What better way for the Obamas to show their commitment to climate change and the cause of income inequality than by inviting their new jet-setting friends to revel at their $12 million dollar beachfront mansion on a tiny island that could at any moment be swamped by rising seas. Yes, Barry, let them eat birthday cake.

If Martha’s Vineyard is unlikely to sink any time soon, Michelle Obama’s political ambitions may have already done so. In choosing birthday party over political party, she showed herself to be what Maureen Dowd said her husband actually is, “a diffident debutante with a distaste for politics.”

If the first two of those shows served up a week of guilt-free entertainment, the third, alas, was too tragic to amuse. On Aug. 6, while the worker bees set up the party tents chez Obama, the Taliban seized Zaranj, the first provincial capital they had seized in years.

While the Obamas partied down that weekend, the Taliban moved on four more provincial capitals. The media barely noticed.

On Aug. 15, the media could not help but notice when the Taliban entered Kabul. Now, it was Joe Biden’s turn to take center stage, and, to say the least, Mr. DeMille, he was not ready for his close-up.

When CNN headlines an article, “Biden administration embroiled in internal blame-shifting amid Afghanistan chaos,” savvy politicos know it is time to start brushing up on the 25th Amendment.

Nostrobamas says Biden will be cashiered on health grounds before the first snow falls. Kamala Harris automatically ascends to the presidency, but the media will withhold the usual “first black woman” celebration. They know that Kamala is a placeholder.

Needing someone with strong foreign policy experience, however bungled, the Democrats will see to it that Hillary gets the open VP position. She likely cleared Cuomo out of the way, and she wisely steered clear of the birthday brouhaha.

In the way of parallel, when Curly Howard went down with a stroke in 1946, brother Shemp stepped up, proving that it always pays to have an extra stooge waiting in the wings.

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