'Anonymous' U.S. leaks divulging Israel's secrets to Iran

Joe Biden talks on the phone with King Salman of Saudi Arabia Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)
Joe Biden talks on the phone with King Salman of Saudi Arabia Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

Someone in the Biden administration may be “leaking” details about Israel’s covert operations in order to try to persuade Iranian leaders to return to the failed Iran nuclear deal created – at a cost of billions of dollars – by Barack Obama.

President Donald Trump withdrew America from the deal, which purported to prevent the rogue regime in Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons but actually only delayed that, when he determined there was no benefit to the United States. Joe Biden has been trying to resurrect it.

Now Just the News is reporting just as Biden is preparing to travel to Israel and Saudi Arabia next week, that “anonymous U.S. officials” are “leaking information to the media details about alleged covert Israeli operations against Iran, from targeted killings to explosions at nuclear sites.”

Those leaks could, in fact, generate a number of complications, from retaliation by Iran to failed efforts to take out Iran’s threats.

“It’s a sign of extraordinary incompetence and unprofessionalism from Biden and his foreign policy team,” Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst who also served as a senior staffer on both the House Intelligence Committee and the National Security Council, told Just the News.

“It’s outrageous they would leak this kind of information.”

The “anonymous” reports have included those made recently to CNN about Israel increasing its covert attacks in Iran, the report said.

And, the report said, it was just a month earlier when an American intelligence official told the New York Times Israel informed the Biden administration it was behind the assassination of a top officer of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Israeli officials, who often share intelligence with American colleagues, have been enraged by the leaks.

Ram Ben Barack, of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Israel’s lawmaking body, told Just the News, “It mainly harms trust. We have very many close relationships and a lot of cooperation between us, which all depend on trust, and when it is violated in some way then it damages future cooperation. I hope the Americans investigate the leak and figure out where it came from and why it occurred.”

“That’s very disturbing because that would only encourage attacks against Israelis,” explained Ron Dermer, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., told the “Diplomatically Incorrect” podcast.

He suggested Biden appears to be trying to distance himself from Israel.

“The fear of potential American action against Iran or other actors, that actually deters aggression. For the United States to think they’re going to stabilize the situation by distancing themselves from Israel not only endangers Israeli citizens and officials but it actually also makes the chance of an attack much higher.”

He said the message the situation carries is that the U.S. is condemning Israel’s freedom operations against Iranian aggression.

The report said while such leaks have happened before, they “have been occurring with striking frequency since Biden entered office.”

Jason Brodsky, policy director of United Against Nuclear Iran, told Just the News, “I think it’s irresponsible for any U.S. official to seek to implicate Israel in an attack in Iran using anonymous quotes in the media. Unfortunately, all too often, we have seen this tactic employed in the past, likely to express disapproval and send a message that Washington was not part of the operation.”

The report added, “Many observers believe leaking this information is tied to the Biden administration’s efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, which placed temporary curbs on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting large-scale sanctions.”

Brodsky pointed out the “founding principles” of Iran including the destruction of the state of Israel, so “the Jewish state has a right to defend itself.”

Fleitz also pointed out the obvious: “It hurts our relationships with other countries.”

Under President Trump, there was significant progress toward a wider establishment of peace among Israel and multiple Arab neighbors, through the Abraham Accords peace agreements.

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