ANOTHER Biden 'cover-up' cited in new online report

The Joe Biden administration has been accused of a long list of cover-ups, including the details of the Biden family’s international business dealings, how the DOJ portrayed conservatives as domestic terrorists and details about Biden’s own health and mental capabilities.

Now a website has been launched to inform the American public of just how close two Middle East “terrorists,” both listed on the FBI Terrorism Watchlist, came to sneaking into the United States – and how the Biden administration has tried to hide that information.

It is the American Center for Law and Justice that has launched the Cover-Up site.

It provides details, including a timeline, about the threat from the terrorists and Biden’s attempt to conceal that from the American public.

The Yemeni terrorists were apprehended in January and March 2021. A press released in April announced that fact.

Then, suddenly, a federal official openly questioned how that information was released, explaining it “should not have gone out.”

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The information then was withdrawn, and the ACLJ started its pursuit of the truth.

The ACLJ reported, “If you knew how shockingly unsecured the southern border has been, you might lose sleep. Maybe that’s why President Biden tried to cover it up.”

The organization reported, at the time, “Two known terrorists were apprehended by our brave Border Patrol agents trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico, but the press release about it has mysteriously vanished.”

Its Freedom of Information Act request for details “finally” produced information.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent us a treasure trove of records, and guess what? Our suspicions have been confirmed – Biden officials tried to hide the fact that these dangerous terrorists almost made it into our country.”

Its new site, the ACLJ explains, “reveal[s] in black and white how Biden officials conspired to take down the press release and silence CBP from discussing the arrests.”

It reports someone high in the Biden administration was “pretty upset that anyone’s watchlist status was discussed.”

“Why? Was the White House worried about hurting the terrorists’ feelings?” the report said.

“Could it be because the White House knows it’s their fault? Biden’s incompetence and arrogance nearly allowed these terrorists to enter our country and disappear. And if two terrorists got stopped, how many actually made it across? Remember, it only took some 19 terrorists to pull off the 9/11 attacks, which took thousands of innocent lives.”

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