Anti-Semitism in textbooks getting worse, study concludes

A study has revealed that anti-Semitism in the materials used by children in Palestinian Authority schools is getting worse, despite repeated promises that such offensive material would be purged.

A report at Jihad Watch explains the books “teach children that they have a duty to engage in violent jihad against the Jews, and that those who die attacking the ‘infidels’ will be rewarded by Allah.”

It continued, “Taught thus from an early age, it should be no surprise that so many Palestinians want to engage in terrorist attacks on the hated Zionists. The schoolbook lessons are reinforced by messages on Palestinian television, on childrens’ shows where even tiny tots are shown making stabbing motions with their little knives and in their childish voices lisping their desire to grow up and ‘kill Jews.'”

The issue is that the PA promises the European Union each year when that group adopts a plan to fund the PA that it will clean up the books, or revise and replace them.

“Every year it turns out that nothing has been changed, yet it still receives its funding from the EU. This year may be different. A report on the latest EU-PA contretemps is here: ‘PA hasn’t removed hateful content from textbooks, producing worse content,’ by Ben Zion Gad, Jerusalem Post, January 28, 2022,” the report warned.

The report explained that despite a plan to ensure new textbooks would be free of hate, the “troubling content remains.”

Further, a report from the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Tolerance in School Education found the Palestinian Authority not only reprinted the old, offending texts, it then “produced thousands of pages of new teaching material with content worse than the textbooks themselves,” according to IMPACT-se chief Marcus Sheff.”

The Post, in fact, reported, “While neglecting their promise to edit the textbooks, the PA produced thousands of pages of new material – much of it directly propagating violence and overt anti=Semitism. For instance, some materials teach of the ‘characteristics’ of Jews who are devious and treacherous and Israelis, who are described as ‘Satan’s aide.'”

The anti-Semitic rhetoric actually spans subjects, from science to geography and more.

The report found, “History classes are particularly controversial, as much focus is spent on recording Jewish control of global events via means of money and power. The Jewish ‘takeover’ of Palestine is also a point of emphasis on the educational materials, as the journey of how ‘Zionist influence’ led to the takeover of Palestine by Jews is among the most broadly covered educational topics…”

Jihad Watch noted the narrative of the founding of modern Israel, in the materials, includes “the tale of a secret cabal of rich and powerful Jews who control much of the world and were supposedly responsible for the Zionist ‘takeover of Palestine.'”

The reality is there was no “takeover,” and before the creation of the nation, every piece of land the Jews occupied “was paid for.”

Maciej Popowsky, whose directorate commissioned the study, said, “It is very clear that the study does reveal the existence of very deeply problematic content that remains of serious concern.”

He said the EU will continue pressing for a solution to all the “questionable content in books.”

Jihad Watch pointed out Popowski should halt EU aid until the problem is resolved.

“That is the only threat that will get the attention of the PA leaders, and that might at long last cause them to remove the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel passages in their textbooks, and to get rid of the ghastly guides and other material it recently produced to supplement those schoolbooks,” the report said.

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