Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., (AOC) recently claimed the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol building resulted in her, and half the members of Congress, suffering trauma from a “close encounter” with an unarmed crowd composed of both pro and anti-Trumpers. Ever since entering Congress, AOC has sought ways to play the victim. The recent Capitol riot gave her a new opportunity to dramatize and exaggerate her victimization, evidenced by her claim her fears now emanate just from being in the presence of her fellow Republican legislators.

As a relative newcomer to the House of Representatives, AOC struggled to make herself relevant. But she recognized a good role model for gaining relevance from a master truth manipulator, Joe Biden. His track record of lying enabled him, two years after AOC entered Congress, to lay claim to the Oval Office. Although upset with Biden for not drifting as far left as she would like, nonetheless, AOC – whose thoughts of higher office “sugar plums” have been dancing in her head – has studied Master Joe’s approach. It may well be her motivation for playing another version of the victimization role.

“Master Manipulator of Untruths” Biden was elected in 1972 as the U.S. senator from Delaware. Too young to hold the office on Election Day, he turned of age (30) before being sworn in, starting what would be a political career of almost five decades. Sadly, it would be a family tragedy kick-starting his mastery of this approach as he quickly learned telling untruths endeared himself to voters.

After winning his Senate seat in 1972 but before taking office, his wife, Neilia, and baby daughter were killed in a car accident involving a truck, although sons Beau and Hunter survived. Any husband and father suffering such an horrific loss is entitled to grieve. Biden, however, took things further, choosing to solicit sympathy by falsely claiming the truck driver, Curtis Dunn, had been drinking. As investigators attested, he had not. They determined that Neilia “drove into the path of Dunn’s tractor-trailer, possibly because her head was turned and she didn’t see the oncoming truck.” Dunn overturned his own vehicle trying to avoid the collision, freeing himself to rush over and help survivors in the Biden car. However, this did not deter Biden from continuing to tell his aggrandized version of the story.

For years, Biden’s story won him sympathy as he milked it for all he could, never bothering him that the story was destroying Dunn’s life. Until his dying day, Dunn was forced to defend himself against this baseless claim.

Biden went on to tell many more untruths during his political career – several eventually catching up with him. In 1987, his first presidential campaign collapsed within three months as he was caught plagiarizing speeches and claiming unearned academic accomplishments. Despite this, in 2020, his third presidential bid proved successful, although tainted by hints of voting fraud by unknown friends. One news source keeping count of Biden’s lies since taking office, already has an impressive tally.

Forty-three years after Biden’s career started, by the luck of a very light Democratic Party primary voter turnout, a young female bartender, AOC, upset a 10-term incumbent, launching her political career. Grasping how numerous untruths had benefited Biden’s career, she adopted his successful formula. An important element for nurturing voter sympathy was telling victimization stories. Recognizing her Puerto Rican ethnicity provided her with this ability, she began using the cry of “racism” against anyone opposed to her thinking.

The racism cry for AOC became a knee-jerk reaction. No matter how farfetched, she still gave racist victimization a shout out. This was evident even in tweeting about innocent subjects like community gardens, to her outrageous claim of “environmental racism.” In a confusing rant, she attempted to explain, “why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements (is) because they come with the colonial lens on them.”

Due to racial sensitivity, AOC critics became gun shy about criticizing her, allowing her free reign to use it again and again. But AOC’s polarizing attitude and aggressive defense against critics eventually caused them to become more vocal. They felt compelled to challenge her status as a cheerleader for values completely anathema to America’s as she naively cheered socialism on as the answer to what ails America, including police defunding to ensure social justice. Her attacks of critics opposing both these centered on, you guessed it, racism.

In need of a supplemental schtick, the Jan. 6 Capitol riot came along. A believer in former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s catchphrase, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” AOC saw the opportunity to garner sympathy again. Thus, she remolded herself as a victim of abject fear for her life during the riot. She knew people might be hesitant to accept this as other than exaggeration due to her 2019 dramatic performance that border patrol officers had been “physically & sexually threatening towards me” that later proved false. But when it was discovered one of the Capitol rioters was Garrett Miller of Texas who had tweeted “assassinate AOC,” she embraced the opportunity. Miller has been arrested and charged with various offenses including making death threats. It is unclear if he even had a weapon with him at the time.

AOC now uses Miller’s threat, along with efforts by Republican members of Congress who questioned a fraudulent presidential election, to suggest she lives in fear daily. She was quick to share this message with the receptive ears of liberal diehards Rachel Maddow and Chris Cuomo. She told the former she felt unsafe with the same Republican members of Congress with whom she had spent the last two years because “they sympathize with (the) white supremacist cause,” adding, “and, you know, people of color are not safe around any individual who, frankly, sympathizes with a white supremacist cause.” Repeating the message for Cuomo, she said because of fear for her personal safety, she did not attend Biden’s inauguration. Apparently the presence of 10,000 more National Guardsmen did nothing to allay those fears.

Meanwhile, after the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of hope in a tweet, AOC called for ICE’s abolishment – a step putting Americans in real fear of death, at the hands of numerous illegal alien criminals (10,000 of whom Biden will soon be releasing), although that fear appears to cause AOC no concerns.

It is unclear if Ocasio-Cortez even saw the intruders, now claiming there may have been collusion involving the Capitol Police. She seems content to plant a seed of division about this, without supporting facts, meanwhile not even extending thanks to the black Capitol police officer whose heroic efforts steered the mob away from the Senate chamber.

Whether drama queen AOC simply seeks to make herself “a legend in her own mind” or really suffered trauma, we do not know. However, if the latter, it should give her an appreciation for the fear cast in the minds of last year’s riot victims in various cities across America – riots she callously justified as necessary in the cause of social justice.

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