AP Rittenhouse coverage shameful and disgusting

Without citing any evidence, the Associated Press, once the gold standard for objective, nuts and bolts reporting, framed a hysterical, shameful and disgusting news story on the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal verdict – turning it into a narrative for national “racial strife.”

Written by Kathleen Foody and four other contributors – Associated Press journalists Scott Bauer in Madison, Wisconsin, Michael Tarm and Mike Householder in Kenosha, and Aaron Morrison in New York – it was hardly a story without sufficient input.

“For many Black Americans, Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on all charges by a Wisconsin jury on Friday confirmed their belief in two justice systems: one for white people and another for Black people,” read the lead.

One must ask why that would be so.

There were no blacks involved in the story – save one of the jurors.

All of the other people involved in the story were white.

This is a fact that needs clear reporting still, since the supposed racial aspect of the case has been turned into “evidence” by some in the media for the reality of Critical Race Theory’s claims.

The story makes this point itself in a roundabout way: “Rittenhouse, the two men he killed and the man he wounded were all white, but the case has been linked from the start to issues of race and the criminal justice system.”

“Activists have previously pointed to differences in how police handled Rittenhouse’s case and that of Jacob Blake, the Black man who was shot by a white Kenosha police officer in August 2020, sparking protests in the city that became destructive and violent,” continues the AP story, as the writers attempt to make this tenuous connection.

Of course, one point it does not make is that Joe Biden mischaracterized the defendant as a “white supremacist” – a libelous claim that set the stage for a travesty, a racial hoopla, that made it nearly impossible to get a fair trial for the defendant.

“Video footage played during the trial showed Rittenhouse running toward police still wearing his rifle, and continuing past the police line at officers’ direction,” the story continued. “He turned himself in to police in Antioch, Illinois, early the following day. And though Kenosha prosecutors filed serious charges that had the potential to put Rittenhouse in prison for life, the criminal trial also struck many activists as unusually deferential to the defendant.”

No, it was indeed a fair trial, one that took days to play out. It was simply a case of hysteria by the media, in industry in which everything has become racially charged.

“You can really smell and see the underlying systemic racism that’s in the judicial system and the policing system,” said Justin Blake, Jacob Blake’s uncle, following the verdict.

Jacob Blake was not an exhibit or witness in the trial. It would be wrong to even use his name in the proceedings.

“Black activists in Kenosha said the verdict showed they need to continue pushing for change in their city and state – in local elections, in education and in changes to policing,” the story claimed. “You cannot tell me that these institutions are not sick,” said Kyle Johnson, an organizer with Black Leaders Organizing Communities. “You cannot tell me that these institutions are not tainted with racism.”

Yet, this case clearly was about Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team successfully employing a “self-defense” strategy.

“Rittenhouse’s acquittal created fear that protesters against racial injustice and other causes will be in danger from right-wing causes that already deemed Rittenhouse a hero after the shootings,” the AP story continued. “The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the longtime civil rights leader and activist, told the Associated Press that it suggests ‘it’s open season on human rights demonstrators.'”

The piece continued to draw on the separate charge involving Jacob Blake.

“The concern over this verdict is compounded by the fact that (Jacob) Blake, who was originally the issue, was shot by a policeman seven times in the back. He’s in a wheelchair today, paralyzed forever. And that policeman is walking the streets of Kenosha, on the force today,” Jackson said.

What does this case have to do with Kyle Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence?

Nothing. Obviously.

The Rittenhouse verdict was correct. Thank God justice was done!

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