Appeals court to hear lawsuit against FBI over raid of man NOT charged for Jan. 6

Outside during the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot (Wikimedia Commons)
Outside during the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot (Wikimedia Commons)

An appeals court soon will be hearing a lawsuit against the FBI filed by a man who was NOT charged for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, but was targeted by a raid anyway.

WND reported when Hollywood conservative actor Siaka Massaquoi filed the action on behalf of himself and others who have “been rounded up, had their homes and businesses violated and broken into, their property such as cell phones and computers seized without probable cause, arrested, prosecuted, denied bail, or some even thrown into solitary confinement.”

Lawyer Larry Klayman, of FreedomWatchUSA, is the attorney of record for the appeal.

A report from the Epoch Times explained the lower court judges dismissed Massaquoi’s complaint, which charged federal authorities with violating his constitutional rights during a 2021 raid at his home.

The African-American actor was in Washington that day, but never has been charged.

Even so, 20 armed agents raided his North Hollywood home and took computers and other electronic devices.

His case charges the feds broke into his home “to chill, silence, and retaliate against the exercise of free speech and assembly by Massaquoi and other U.S. citizens that disagree with the viewpoints and agendas of elected officials and prevailing thought in the political world, and to intimidate citizens from expressing their political opinions and beliefs.”

The appeal was filed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals April 29, it was docketed on May 4, and he has until July 7 to file his opening brief.

He claims he was “targeted as a conservative African-American to try to bury the fact that Americans of all races and religions support the return of America’s governance to the people under the populist movement of Make America Great Again promoted by Donald Trump.”

Massaquoi charged the FBI informed him he was a target because he was in a Telegram group with Russ Taylor, who was charged with conspiracy to disrupt an official proceeding in June 2021 for his participation in the Jan. 6 event.

That means, the complaint charges, the FBI raided his home only “because he belonged to a group on a communication platform.”

The FBI even took two Trump-promoting red MAGA hats from his home, offering proof that “the actions are political and malicious.”

WND previously reported the case was filed earlier, but was rejected out of hand by a magistrate who had not even held a hearing. That was complicated by a DOJ functionary who insisted the case go back to district court. But at that point, the case was moved to small claims court to retrieve Massaquoi’s personal property confiscated by the FBI, and a judge moved it back to federal court to name the individual FBI agents, where Klayman filed an amended document.

The riot happened on the day that President Trump held a rally, casting doubt about the legitimacy of the election results that gave Joe Biden the White House.

The facts are that some elections officials changed state laws – without legal permission – to accommodate mail-in ballots that favored Democrats.

Further, Mark Zuckerberg of the company formerly called Facebook, now named “Meta,” handed out some $420 million to mostly leftist elections officials with instructions to recruit votes from Democrat strongholds.

Thirdly, legacy and social media suppressed accurate reporting about Hunter Biden, and his nefarious international financial deals including those with links to Joe Biden, just before the election. A Media Research Center poll showed that suppression was enough to change the winner of the race from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Klayman, at the time the case developed, explained, “The FBI, as alleged, is being used by the Biden-Harris Justice Department as the administration’s and the left’s ‘personal Gestapo,’ to stifle free speech and dissent over the near total leftist, socialist and borderline communist takeover of our body politic.”

He continued, “And, FBI Director Wray bears personal legal responsibility and liability for these unconstitutional acts, which he has bragged about in public testimony before Congress — branding the peaceful protestors as mostly white domestic terrorists — in order to save his job with President Biden after he was blamed for not being prepared for and warning Congress and the incoming Biden administration over the so called ‘capitol riot.'”

IMPORTANT NOTE: While Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi’s “House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack” daily accuse law-abiding, patriotic, conservative Americans of being “domestic terrorists,” “violent extremists” and “insurrectionists,” a REAL INSURRECTION – indeed, a full-scale MARXIST “RESET” of the greatest nation on earth – is well underway in the United States of America, led by them. Remember the rule: Whatever today’s Democrats are falsely accusing their critics of doing and planning, that is precisely what they themselves are ACTUALLY doing and planning. The reality of all this is stunningly documented and explored in the January 2022 issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE REAL INSURRECTION: Branding normal Americans as ‘terrorists,’ Democrats pursue total revolution.”

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