Apple throws huge lobbying weight behind pro-transgender movement


Multiple states are developing laws now that are protecting society from the imposition of pro-LGBT agenda laws.

Women and girls are being protected in sports from males who simply say they are female. Children are being protected from transgender promoters. Parental rights to decisions about their own children’s education are being protected.

But Apple, the makers of famously expensive computers, smart phones and such, is fighting just about every such move.

Politico reports the giant company is hiring lobbyists, is filing court briefs, and insisting that other large companies join its agenda, “to oppose bills targeting gay and transgender people in states like Iowa, Texas and Florida.”

Legal Insurrection commented, “Apple is quietly engaging lobbyists in multiple states to stop parental rights bills like the one that just passed in Florida. Much like Disney, Apple is getting involved in woke politics and framing this as standing up for LGBT rights when that’s not what’s happening at all.”

Politico reported Apple appears to be staking its push on a “political debate.

Its CEO, Tim Cook, “is the nation’s most visible gay executive,” the report noted.

And it now is trying to enforce its agenda for protect trans and gay people in “Iowa, Florida, Texas and at least six other states,” the report said.

“Apple’s communications, government affairs and legal offices have also opposed some of the bills, working with policymakers and advocacy groups to plot out strategies and filing court briefs in cases involving LGBTQ rights. And the company is leading part of the broader corporate pushback against the bills — Apple executives have encouraged other large companies to publicly oppose the legislation, arguing that it promotes discrimination and threatens to harm LGBTQ youth,” Politico reported.

Jay Brown of the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign called the company’s investment in politics “significant.”

And it is pressing leaders of fellow Fortune 500 companies to denounce an order by the Texas governor that called for child abuse investigations of parents who move forward with transgender treatment for children, the report said.

That formal legal opinion from Texas officials concluded that that is child abuse.

The Politico report explained, “The advocacy poses political risks for Apple as Republicans begin to criticize the company’s opposition to the bills. Some Republicans in Iowa have argued that Apple should not continue to receive state subsidies as it opposes legislation banning trans girls from participating in high school sports that match their gender identity.”

Politico reported Apple actually “is one of the most active corporate advocates for LGBTQ rights, according to four organizers on the ground in states where legislation is moving.”

The issue is not without conflict for Apple. Politico noted that the company’s app store and developers “have censored LGBTQ apps in 152 countries around the world.”

Additionally, while its efforts on policies affecting transgender children largely have been unsuccessful, and hundreds of bills are pending protecting state residents from LGBT activism, Republicans are increasingly aware to the impacts of such “woke” corporations.

The report explained companies that urge the LGBT activism, “risk[s] blowback from the populist right.”

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