Are Americans buying the pitch that switching genders is healthy? New poll has answer


A new poll reveals that 64% of American voters who have an opinion on the issue do not believe transgenderism is a healthy human condition.

But 34% stay silent so as “to not offend others,” the survey has confirmed.

The poll was done by, in partnership with McLaughlin and Associates, and surveyed 1,000 likely general election voters nationwide.

“Everywhere Americans look, the media and education culture is bombarding us with relentless, daily messages in support of transgenderism without limits,” explained Jeff Myers, president of

“Despite this intensity, these stunning numbers show plainly that the vast majority of Americans aren’t buying what they’re being sold. A huge majority of Americans – for example – don’t think this issue belongs anywhere near our kids.”

He continued, “Yet, we also see a powerful chilling effect that this propaganda is having on society, as this research shows that tens and tens of millions disagree with what they see, but are afraid to say anything about their views. We trust this poll will spark all-important conversations so we can properly address these issues as a nation.”

The polling said of those who have an opinion, 30% are willing to speak out about their concerns, and 36% say transgenderism, which involves chemicals to suppress puberty for children and mutilating body surgeries for both children and adults, “is a healthy human condition.”

The poll also revealed that 72% “American voters who have an opinion on the issue do not believe schools should teach about sexual identity and sexual behavior with elementary-age children.”

Forty-two percent say it’s wrong in a school setting, and 30% believe it is dangerous and “could lead to children being groomed for sexual encounters at a young age,” the report said.

About one in four respondents said “it is a perfectly appropriate use of instruction time,” the report said.

The results confirmed 93% of American voters who have an opinion on the issue said it is possible to distinguish between men and women, while 7% say that cannot be done.

And 90% “of American voters who have an opinion on the issue say minors should be required to wait until they are legal adults before undergoing permanent gender alteration,” the report said.

Further, 90% say that medical professionals who perform gender-altering procedures should be required by law to disclose the common, long-term medical and psychological impact of those procedures.

Summit is a ministry that was founded in 1962 to support rising generations to embrace a biblical worldview, while McLaughlin & Associates is a full service market research and strategic services firm that specializes in public opinion research.

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