Are open borders a de facto military draft for WWIII?

I am not ashamed to call myself a conspiracy theorist. It’s one of the few things I disagree with Steve Bannon about. He is famous for saying that “there are no conspiracies but there are no coincidences” as a way to deflect the “conspiracy theorist” accusation from the deep staters – but in reality conspiracies are so common in human affairs that they make up a big part of every criminal court docket in every courtroom in America.

People conspire together in every conceivable way for every conceivable reason, everywhere, every day. And the people who presumably conspire together most often and most consequentially are those whose burning passion in life is to maximize their own wealth and power by controlling the world around them. The higher up the power-pyramid they go, the more conspiratorial they become, and the more likely they are to accomplish what they conspire to do. Somewhere near the top are reprobates like Bill Gates and George Soros and Klaus Schwab whose every waking act and thought (and vast resources) are devoted to enslaving humanity to their personal agendas.

So common and so consequential are the conspiracies operating all around us that considering the potential conspiratorial angles of every political/social/cultural event and news story should be a standard part of every person’s analysis. And every self-respecting analyst at every level should routinely push back against the elites’ conspiracy to define “conspiracy theorizing” as foolishness.

That doesn’t mean we should accept every theory as fact. Far from it. But we should always consider the factors raised by the theorists along with every other bit of data we can gather in our relentless pursuit of objective truth. Truth is always our best defense against political/social/cultural manipulation and enslavement.

Here’s a conspiracy theory I haven’t seen anywhere, but I think deserves consideration.

Suppose the open-borders strategy of the elites is not actually for the purpose of bringing in low-cost labor for the American corporations and padding the Democratic voter rolls, but is instead a plan to sucker millions of military-aged young men from Central and South America (and elsewhere) into the clutches of the American war machine in preparation for their use as cannon-fodder in World War III? Chew on that for a moment while I ask some simple questions that challenge the current narrative on the right.

Have you seen the news about Hispanics shifting to the Republican Party in massive numbers? I’ve actually predicted that, because family values are so central to the countries they come from – and that is true for legals and illegals alike – and the Democrats’ commitment to LGBT insanity gets more vociferous and fascistic every day. Yet why is there no “rethink” going on among the Dems, even on a minor scale, about the continuing flood of invading future Republicans? Maybe they only need the illegals’ names on the voter rolls because they’re expecting to do the voting for them (like they do so altruistically for the dead and the nursing home residents). Or maybe there’s a greater agenda to be served.

And if the plan was to replace American workers with cheap immigrant labor, what explains the nationwide labor shortage? Why haven’t the predatory corporations used their muscle on their fellow Dems to steer those illegals into their factories? Maybe the economic meltdown is intentional and they don’t really want more workers. Maybe there’s a greater agenda to be served. Or maybe all of the above.

Military service is traditionally one of the most reliable paths to citizenship, and one of the most attractive options for young men in times of economic recession (like the one that’s just begun). But American birth rates have been in decline for decades, even as post-Vietnam era American families have grown increasingly hostile to the idea of their sons dying in foreign wars. Long gone is the American appetite for the kind of war-mongering jingoism that preceded the Civil War, WWI and WWII (Ukraine propaganda notwithstanding).

But who would oppose the drafting of the millions of immigrants who are here illegally anyhow? I can already envision the comments section when this column is posted, cheering this result as well-deserved Karma for the border-jumpers, and I don’t necessarily disagree – except to the extent that, if I’m right, it means we’ve all been manipulated by the elites through every step of the process, with no say in the matter.

Will there be a draft? If there is another major war, there most certainly will be a draft. I predicted this inevitability all the way back when Obama was working with W. Bush’s holdover Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to facilitate the LGBT takeover of the U.S. military. Subsequent to the LGBTs’ latest ludicrous advances in today’s armed forces, recruiting and retention are way down, and that will only get worse.

Will there be a major war? It sure looks that way today. And it looks like it has been planned for a very long time. In fact, if we expand our conspiratorial scope a little further and consider Europe in the mix (the whole NATO coalition), my theory would also neatly explain the open-borders invasion there as well. Because if this is going to be a World War, all those states will certainly be coming to the party, and they’re going to need cannon-fodder just like Ukraine has.

Nobody has been thinking along these lines because the open-border narratives on the left and the right are so plausible and confirmatory to the ideology of their relative constituencies. The elites are very good at maintaining a balance in the polarization of the plebs. What got me thinking in this direction was the dishonest way the American media has covered the ongoing Russian mobilization – focusing only on those men seeking to escape service by fleeing the country with nary a mention that Canada is half-populated by left-wing American draft-dodgers from the 1960s and ’70s and their progeny. I’m not pro-draft, just anti-hypocrisy.

Frankly, I don’t think very many Americans will be keen on the idea of a draft, which means if we have one, it might not even be called a draft. They might just tweak the definition and the methodology (like they did with the “vaccine” rollout) and draft just the immigrants into military service while calling it something else. Or perhaps not. They shoved the election coup and the lockdowns down our throats. Maybe they’ll just straight-out draft everybody, including our own native sons, and insist that we agree its for our own good.

Again, like I say so often these days, I hope I’m wrong. Please, God, let me be wrong.

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