Army whistleblower exposes command violations on vax mandates

In a recent interview with an Army officer – who must remain anonymous due to threats of persecution, arrest and court-martial – I was shocked to learn of the massive command-level violations of military regulations regarding the Department of Defense mandate for all service members to receive the COVID shots, a clear departure from safeguarding the general welfare of those under their command.

The U.S. Army issued orders to all Army commanders in the Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) number 5 to the Headquarters Department of the Army COVID Operation Order on Sept. 4, 2021, that states: “Commanders will ensure sufficient doses of Department of Defense approved vaccines are on hand and available for their unit.” [Emphasis added.]

The FRAGO number 5 order for COVID vaccines is clear, but to this date, commanders are in violation of this order in failing to check and ensure that “approved” vaccines are on hand.

Furthermore, the secretary of defense himself told every service member, in his Aug 24, 2021, memo, that the only vaccines for use will “receive full licensure from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in accordance with FDA-approved labeling and guidance.”

To date, however, there are no FDA-approved, fully licensed vaccines available to the military on any military installation in the U.S. or overseas.

Yet even in 2022, service members are still being punished for refusing vaccines that are not FDA-approved, but only available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Army Command Policy is outlined in Army Regulation 600-20. This regulation is backed by U.S. law and details the many aspects on how commanders in the Army must run their commands. Chapter 1 reads: “Requirement of exemplary conduct (Section 7233, Title 10, U.S. Code). All commanding officers and others in authority in the Army are required … to take all necessary and proper measures, under the laws, regulations, and customs of the Army to promote and safeguard the moral the physical well-being, and the general welfare of the officers and enlisted persons under their command or charge.”

A “military crime” is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Different types of violations are separated into “articles.” Article 92, “Failure to obey order or regulation,” occurs when a service member fails to follow an order or breaks one of the many rules and requirements set forth in the service’s regulations.

There is currently a flagrant double standard taking place in the military across all branches. Service members are accused of Article 92 violations if they refuse the experimental COVID shot, yet military commanders at every level are guilty of Article 92 violations by ordering those under their command to take an experimental EUA product, which, again, is the only type of “COVID vaccine” currently available on any military installation.

In the Army, the violations are even more egregious than in other service branches because of the FRAGO number 5 order to commanders to insure that the vaccines for their troops were FDA-approved.

Army commanders do not have to do hours of deep research on label laws, FDA regulations and biosimilarity regulations to conclude that the vaccine mandate is in fact an unlawful order. All they need to do is to read the actual wording of the easily available DoD order and check their supplies.

A simple walk to the medical centers where commanders are ordering their soldiers to receive their injection is all that has been needed to answer the question whether Comirnaty™, the only FDA-approved COVID vaccine, is available. Comirnaty is not available in the United States, especially not to the military. Army medical facilities cannot even order the “approved” product since it is not even a selection in the Army medical ordering system.

The same leaders who are supposed to lead America’s sons and daughters into combat and bring them home could not apply 30 minutes of their time to ensure the accuracy and validity of the life-changing orders they were issuing to those under their command.

By willfully, or through negligence, violating the order they were given, commanders have committed “an offense subject to trial by court-martial.” They unquestioningly committed an Article 92 offense, and they should be removed from command, investigated and punished for the illegal acts that are affecting our service members.

This widespread violation is not just a legal technicality. Service members are actually dying or being permanently disabled with major medical complications of these experimental COVID shots: heart attacks, strokes, uncontrolled bleeding, myocarditis, pericarditis, pulmonary emboli, neurological impairments including paralysis, autoimmune disorders and cancers are just part of an eight-page list of adverse events in Pfizer’s clinical trial data presented to the FDA that was recently released on court order when the FDA had tried to hide it for 75 years.

The leak of the DoD military medical database (DMED) at Sen. Ron Johnson’s press conference Jan. 24 shows that the defense secretary and the entire upper command of the DoD knew that these COVID shots were damaging our military, which in turn is destroying our military readiness and compromising national security.

Why would the DoD knowingly continue to harm our military service members? Is the end game to weaken our military and facilitate the “one-world government” pushed by the current administration? Are our military service members – and their families – being used as one vast human experiment without their consent? The American public and our military service members deserve honest answers to these questions.

Military commanders have a duty to ensure that what they are forcing their members to do is in line with lawful orders. Command of America’s sons and daughters is a sacred and important privilege. What will happen to America’s volunteer military, and our national security, if Americans who wish to serve our country cannot trust military leaders to act wisely and honorably to carry out necessary duties to protect those under their command?

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