Well, since life comes first, I guess it is correct to say that art imitates life. And as was written some years ago, “Art should imitate life, including its diversity.”

I suppose I can agree with that. If diversity occurs naturally in life, it should be imitated in art.

Then one has to ask oneself, what is diversity?

Simply put, being diverse is merely differing from one another. It’s not inherently good or bad. It just is – like having several different species of trees in a forest, or various size grains of sand on a beach.

I would venture to say that few people would have a strong opinion for the need to have a multi-species forest or multi-sized grains of sand on a beach.

But like a lot of words these days, the word “diversity” has been effectively hijacked by the left. Oh, the dictionary definition hasn’t changed, but the real-world perception of the word now means only one thing. When we hear the word diversity, we think of skin color, and I guess, to a lesser extent, gender. The broad meaning has all but vanished.

Americans have been forced, by a relatively tiny minority of leftists, as is usually the case, into this myopic definition of diversity. And apparently diversity is a good thing – maybe the best thing ever. We should celebrate diversity and castigate those who don’t embrace forced diversity.

I mean castigate them only if they live in the West. We’re not all that concerned with the total lack of diversity in Asia, the Middle East, etc., but I digress.

Better yet, let’s do what we leftists do best. Let’s force the rest of society to become more diverse, even if they already are. Just like wokeness, no matter whether or not “diverse” things appear, it will never be enough.

And there’s nowhere better to see this in action than leftist Hollywood and woke corporations.

Speaking of those two, I’ve been noticing something recently. If you’re paying even scant attention, it’s hard to miss.

It seems that if you’re a white male commercial actor under the age of your average grandpa, good luck finding a job. By commercial actor, I mean an actor who plays a part in commercials.

In the name of diversity, white actors are being purposely discriminated against.

Whether it’s an ad on YouTube, a free movie channel that includes commercials or network television, you will be hard-pressed to find a white male actor.

This is not diversity – it’s discrimination, or racism, if you will.

Hollywood and woke corporations have joined forces to push an agenda that whiteness is bad, particularly white males. And, therefore, white male actors, through no fault of their own, are no longer able to represent whatever product the corporation is advertising.

For the longest time black actors were treated the same way. This is obviously wrong.

Over time the goodness of America won the day, and the industry accepted them as equals, the way it should be. Blacks and other minorities are more fairly represented in the industry.

But what exactly is a fair representation of blacks in commercial acting roles? Who knows? Should it be based on population numbers?

According to the 2019 census data, blacks comprise 14.7% of our total population. So should blacks only land 14.7% of the roles in commercials? Of course not.

It seems to me that it should be the best actor who lands the part. But this just isn’t the case. Now most commercials are required to make a social justice statement. And that statement appears to be born of cowardice. White executives have decided to genuflect to the woke mob by trying to atone for sins that none of them, or any other American alive today, had anything to do with.

This is racism, pure and simple – no different than excluding black actors in days gone by. It was wrong then and it’s equally wrong now.

It won’t make anything better, but it will further show the mob that they can continue to control others behavior by just being loud, obnoxious and aggressive.

In the meantime, young white males who aspire to act may want to consider choosing another career path.

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