As Ukraine invasion stalls, Russia launches threats to rest of world

Vladimir Putin (Video screenshot)
Vladimir Putin (Video screenshot)

A lot of the details about the costs of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and its attempt to destroy the nation including its women and children – remain murky.

While bombed-out cities are apparent on video postings, death tolls are only estimates, although when the numbers are in the thousands it doesn’t look good.

But now, amid reports the Russia aggressors are stalling out in mud, in frostbite weather, and more, Russian officials are ramping up their threats to the rest of the world.

One such attempt to intimidate is coming from Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, who told Christianne Amanpour on CNN that his nation will use nuclear weapons if faced with an “existential threat.”

There also was the warning from Igor Korotchenko, a military expert on Russian TV, who claimed, “The West will never lift the sanctions … This is war. What should be our reaction? Tactical nuclear weapons…”

And Putin’s propagandist Vladimir Soloviev warned, “If you decide to prepare NATO peacekeepers and bring them in, this will mean a nuclear war. This was told to French journalists on February 8. Brave Poles, your Warsaw will disappear in a split second. Brave Germans, brave Estonians, brave Baltic states. By the way, brave Baltic states, I know there are big problems at the border in Kaliningrad. Maybe it’s time we think about a corridor to Kaliningrad? A land corridor to Kaliningrad. Why not? If we are making one to Transnistria, why not?”

According to the Gateway Pundit Amanpour had asked Peskov, “Is President Putin, because again the Finnish President said to me that when he asked Putin directly directly about this, President Putin laid that card on the table, President Putin said if anyone tried to stop him “very bad things will happen.” And I want to know whether you are convinced or confident that your boss will not use that option?”

He said, “Well, we have a concept of domestic security. And, well it’s public. You can read all the reasons for nuclear arms to be used. So if it is an existential threat for our country then it can be used in accordance with our const…(unintelligible) There are no other reasons that were mentioned in that text.”

It was Fox News that even reported the Russian threats directly targeted NATO, explaining, “Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Lavrov warned that if NATO sends peacekeepers into Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion, that will lead to a direct military clash between the Russian forces and the alliance.”

He said, according to the Russian government’s TASS agency, “Sending NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine would lead to a direct clash between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the alliance.”

The report noted, “The war has dragged on for about a month as Russia’s superior troop numbers have run into unexpectedly fierce Ukrainian resistance. The battle for the southern port city of Mariupol has grown increasingly fierce, while cities like Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and its second city, Kharkiv, are effectively under siege. Russia has also targeted cities in the West of the country, not far from the border with Poland, where more than 2 million of Ukraine’s 3 million refugees have reportedly fled.”

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