In this world, it is generally considered good to have a knack for simplifying things. It is, after all, a complex world, and none of us has the underlying building-block bits of knowledge necessary to keep up with all the experts in the world. In truth, neither do they: Knowledge is ever-increasing, which forces us to choose what we think is important for the matter being explained or discussed.

In light of that, here is a suggestion for better understanding the turmoil in our current world, as it relates to where we have been, where we are and where we are going. It seems that we are involved in culture wars, hot wars, cold wars, information and disinformation wars, and probably other kinds of wars of which we are not even aware.

Religious conflicts are certainly a part of that understanding or misunderstanding. This can be between different religions, which is what we would normally think of, but it can also be about how we look at religious views: past, present and future.

One of the things Christians have done is to divide the Bible into the old and new Testaments. The Old Testament was God interacting with ancient Israel. The New Testament is the Good News of Jesus and the rest of the world interacting with the Gospel.

That’s probably helpful most of the time. I just happen to think that it’s not helpful right now. I’ll make my case, and you can decide.

The first problem is that God lives outside of time, but we live inside of it. I framed it this way in my “Armageddon Story” novel series: “Time and distance were limitations placed upon humanity. It is not the same for me” (the Admiral speaking to his first student).

I think we could even consider that events in God’s mind take no account of time. He simply does not order events according to time, but rather to something else, which could be something we know about, or something entirely unknown to us.

One of the unintended consequences of our dividing the Bible into Old and New Testaments is that we may think God acted one way in the Old Testament and another way in the New. Thus when God arranged ancient Israel’s battlefields to their advantage, or took direct action to trim or decimate the enemy forces arrayed against them, we may say, “Ah, Old Testament!” God may simply view it as a necessary adjustment to move forward into implementing His Agenda.

We, however, are prone to think that God only intervened directly in human affairs in the Old Testament, and that the New Testament is all about Jesus, forgiveness, grace, salvation and Heaven.

Confused? Let’s go back to Creation. Many Christians today are willing to accept that Creation was a byproduct of a “big bang.” Yet the Bible contradicts this, and makes clear that God creates things by speaking. It is as if the universe itself listens for the Words of God and then arranges itself to bring about what God has spoken. In fact, Jesus is sometimes referred to in the Bible as The Word of God. Read the beginning of the Gospel of John.

There is another aspect of Creation we seem to forget. What was God”s opinion of all that He had created after it was completed? “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Genesis 1:31 NIV).

God’s opinion of His Creation back then is very relevant to us today. God saw that the earth and all that He had made upon it was “very good.” Yet today so many Christians view the world as evil. What the Bible translators failed to convey is that it was not the earth that was evil, but rather the evil world systems that have grown to govern the earth.

This brings us to our original but unstated question: “What in the hell is going on in the world today?”

To answer that question, we have to go back to the Old Testament. There is a war being waged for control of God’s creation, which includes humanity along with every other thing, live or inanimate, God created, including the earth.

Taken in that context, the events we see before us make perfect sense. Everything is about control, with the highest prize being who controls men and women.

We all have our place in this battle, but if you expected God to sit back and let His creation be hijacked by evil people who worship God’s enemies, human and spiritual, then you need to review the Old Testament. Here’s a chapter in Isaiah for your consideration: Isaiah 63.

Consider the sustained attack on children through abortion. How convenient that America, spreading the murder of the unborn across the world for the sake of convenience, should provide an endless supply of fetal matter for Big Pharma and the universities to experiment upon.

Why do you think the push recently has been to late-term abortions, which deliver an entire baby for experimentation, all the more valuable financially if it is alive after the abortion? And then there are the human-animal hybrids, which also speak to the depravity of those involved in controlling humanity.

Wake up, churches, and wake up, believers, to what you have permitted in failing to demand that God’s law be supreme over the governments of supposedly free nations!

None of this has materialized in a vacuum. What you bow down and worship before is your god. Repentance and turning away from this evil is the only currency Heaven recognizes on this earth. As it stands now, you have partnered with Satan, his principalities and powers (especially of the airwaves) to hand God’s ultimate creation over to the devil.

It has more to do with who will rule over them, doesn’t it? Will God’s laws rule over them? Or will they make their own laws, by relying on corrupt and complicit politicians to do the devil’s dirty work for them?

Through the carnage of abortion, evil people in the world unraveled the secrets of DNA and began experimenting upon human beings, with an eye to controlling them far out into the future. Governments love control, and the more evil the government, the greater its love of control.

If you thought that God was going to walk away from his adversaries, you need to reread the Old Testament. That is certainly not the God I see in the Old Testament. I wonder where in the Bible the scholars are going to place the next chapter of history – the one that we are living through now: The Old Testament, The New Testament, or a Revised Testament?

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. 4 in the Armageddon Story novel series, by Craige McMillan

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