Becerra absent on COVID because of his other targets: Christians and the unborn

Xavier Becerra (Video screenshot)
Xavier Becerra (Video screenshot)

Anthony Fauci, a medical adviser to Joe Biden and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been the point man for much of the COVID-19 pandemic that got its start in China and spread around the world, killing millions.

So where has been Xavier Becerra, the actual chief of the federal Department of Health and Human Services?


And according to a report from the HHS Accountability Project described in the Federalist, it’s because he had other targets in his bull’s-eye: Christians and the unborn.

Rachel M. Morrison is a lawyer and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where she works on the HHS Accountability Project. In the report she explains how Biden and Becerra “have launched unprecedented attacks on people of faith.”

“March 18 marks one year since pro-abortion radical Xavier Becerra was confirmed as President Joe Biden’s appointee for secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS),” she wrote. “Although both men claim to be faithful Catholics, they have launched unprecedented attacks on people of faith by eliminating vital conscience and religious freedom protections and funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to the abortion industry.”

“While Becerra was AWOL on the COVID fight, he was outright zealous on culture war issues, leading HHS’s singular focus on pushing pro-abortion and anti-religion policies on the American people.”

She then lists the “top 10 lowlights.”

First, Becerra stripped the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division inside the Office of Civil Rights of its authority to investigate violations of conscience and religious freedom laws.

“These developments were foreshadowed by transgender activist Dr. Rachel Levine who, prior to being elevated to the number-three position at HHS, proclaimed the division should be ‘either disbanded or certainly redirected.'”

Then Becerra killed OCR’s First Amendment enforcement power, so that it could not enforce protections under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment. Oddly, the demand came from Lisa Pino, the Biden-appointed chief of the OCR whose job it is to enforce protections.

Then Becerra replaced references to “conscience” and “religion” in the fiscal year 2022 budget with “equity.”

“While Becerra was attorney general of California before becoming HHS secretary, OCR issued two notices of violation against Becerra and his state for violating federal conscience protections by forcing nuns (and others) to provide insurance coverage of abortion. Apart from the clear conflict of interest with Becerra leading the very office that previously found him in violation of the law, OCR under Becerra ‘reassessed’ the conscience violations, magically finding there were none.,” the report continued.

Then the federal government abandoned a case involving a nurse whose rights had been violated by the hospital where she worked when she was forced to participate in an abortion. The Trump administration sued the hospital, and Biden and Becerra dismissed the case with no help, settlement or compensation for the nurse.

Becerra then liberally spent tax money to promote abortion, including $10 million in extra funding to increase abortifacient use in Texas.

Becerra said, “We are telling doctors and others involved in the provision of abortion care, that we have your back.”

And he took money from taxpayers to give to “Big Abortion,” Planned Parenthood. In 2021 alone the abortionists got more than $5.4 million in tax money.

No. 8 on the list was the “comingling” of insurance payments for abortion. Previously, insurance offering coverage for abortion had to bill that separately. Biden’s agenda canceled that requirement so payments for abortion coverage now are concealed from consumers.

Becerra also was key to a cancellation of waivers that had been issued to faith-based adoption and foster care agencies in multiple states that allowed them to operate with the government while still holding to their faith.

Becerra claimed at the time, “At HHS, we treat any violation of civil rights or religious freedoms seriously.” The move came even though the Supreme Court had just affirmed the rights of foster-care agencies to act according to their religious beliefs on human sexuality in certifying foster parents.

Lastly, HHS announced it was reinterpreting Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act to “force health-care professionals to perform gender transition surgeries and provide minors with harmful and sterilizing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones,” the report said.

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