Being named 'Person of the Year' is not a compliment

Few people today are aware that genocidal madman Adolf Hitler appeared on the cover of Time magazine on multiple occasions, “most famously perhaps on Jan. 2, 1939, when he was named Man of the Year. That choice abided by the dictum of the Time founder Henry Luce, who decreed that the Man of the Year – now Person of the Year – was not an honor but instead should be a distinction applied to the newsmaker who most influenced world events for better or worse. In case that second criterion was lost on readers, the issue that named Hitler dispensed with the portrait treatment that cover subjects typically got. Instead he was depicted as a tiny figure with his back to the viewer, playing a massive organ with his murdered victims spinning on a St. Catherine’s wheel. Underneath the stark, black-and-white illustration was the caption, “From the unholy organist, a hymn of hate.'”

The aforementioned mitigates the significance of Tme naming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their “Person of the Year” for 2020 – action akin to naming “Rosemary’s baby” and “the children of the corn” as worthy of deification. But I digress.

Indeed as the dictum of Time founder Henry Luce clarified and decreed, being named “[Person] of the Year” was not an honor, but a distinction applied to those who “influenced the world for better or worse.”

Influencing the world for worse is a distinction of which both Biden and Harris are wholly worthy. Biden has spent nearly five decades in political office with the summum bonum being the personal enrichment of his family, the best crack cocaine taxpayer money and Chinese/Ukraine money he could provide for his son, and the targeted imprisonment of the black youth Hillary Clinton called super-predators. Of course, Biden did engage in creepy behavior such as sniffing the hair of little girls, but “c’mon, man!” – that’s just Joe.

As for Harris, she’s representative of everything a decent parent would not want his daughter to be and everything a decent parent would not want his son to become involved with, must less marry and bring home. Harris lowered the bar for prostituting oneself to fame, fortune and political status. If the women of the Hollywood “Me Too” movement are to be believed, they were forced to be promiscuous in order get the best acting roles. Harris slept with married men because she is an amoral woman who delights and boasts of cheap, tawdry acts of sexual misconduct with such men.

Biden-Harris are co-conspirators in the global conspiracy to steal the presidency of the United States. It makes no difference what the media, RINOs and Democrats try to claim, there is no plausible way on earth that Biden-Harris legitimately defeated President Trump. This isn’t sour grapes; it is fact.

Biden is a lecherous dolt with increasingly diminished cognitive ability, and Harris is more rabidly supportive of the systematic extermination of blacks than is Obama. Add to that the fact she has fewer morals than the Obama woman, and you have two people who perfectly represent what Luce made clear.

Biden-Harris being named “Person of the Year” isn’t a compliment; it is calling attention to two of the most anti-American worker, family, church and Constitution political pairings in the history of America.

The mainstream media and the hardcore leftists/communists on both sides of the political spectrum hate President Trump for the same reasons we love him. He is proud of America, pro-America, pro-church, pro-life and pro-Israel.

Biden-Harris boast of being the antithesis of those qualities.

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