Bernie Sanders' fecal rhetoric on auto workers' strike

Bernie Sanders has never worked a day in his worthless life. He became a socialist politician because it ensured he would never have to work a day in his miserable life. Being a politician isn’t a job. It’s supposed to be a service. America should never have succumbed to Erebusic political myiasis and their belief that political office is a paid career for a privileged few. Politicians do not work; they suck off the udders of public dependence. They pimp and prostitute favors to the highest bidders, which is where lobbyists come into play, including those representing the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. But, I digress.

Sanders became a multi-millionaire because he and his communist wife specialized in seizing upon every exploitable opportunity in which they found themselves.

Absolutely nothing dissuades me that socialism for them isn’t a political belief as much as it is a means to get rich on someone else’s sweat-equity. Thus it is we see Sanders attacking the auto-industry leadership because they are compensated more than the company laborers, skilled and otherwise. As a former business owner, my understanding is that employees are paid fair salaries not equal salaries to their employers.

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Arguing that they deserve the wealth of another’s labor, is the primary extortion route for the Sanders’ family; and Sanders’ was in full stride while speaking at a autoworkers rally the first day of the strike:

“The fight that you are waging here is not only about decent wages, decent benefits and decent working conditions in the automobile industry. No. The fight you are waging is a fight against the outrageous level of corporate greed and arrogance that we are seeing on the part of CEOs who think they have a right to have it all and could [not] care less about the needs of their workers.

“The fight you are waging is to rebuild the struggling middle class of our country that was once the envy of the world.”

Sanders also asserted that the CEOs and stockholders of the U.S.’s biggest carmakers “make out like bandits.”

“We refuse to live in an oligarchy,” Sanders said. “We refuse to accept a society in which so few have so much and so many have so little.

“What creates jobs is having money in the hands of real people spending it or saving it, because they are spending it on products that create demand.”

That’s pure agitprop from one of the top apparatchiks in office today. Apparently, the people to whom Sanders was lying at the rally had spent the time prior to his speech on a nepenthe binge, which resulted in their forgetting they were being deceived by an elapid that rivals the one that approached Eve in the Garden.

How do they miss the fact that Sanders is a leader of one of the most powerful and corrupt oligarchies in history? They are 535 in number, and just as we’re witnessing with the falsities being thrown at President Trump; not only are outsiders not permitted to play, their involvement on any quantifiable level is strictly frowned upon and severely punished – especially if the outsider wins. Sanders weaseled his way into a camarilla of bipedal ophidians where 535 people, the overwhelming majority of whom enter office without a window through which to throw the proverbial bucket of spit, end up multi-millionaires and some multi-hundred millionaires.

If Sanders is so concerned about pay equity, why isn’t he concerned about the disparate income, benefits and financial protections he and his 534 other colleagues are given. Is it unfair to ask Sanders to investigate how much of the $6 billion in extortion money paid to Iran for the release of American hostages finds it way back to the Democratic Party just in time for this election cycle? Speaking of that, why hasn’t Sanders been concerned about the lifelong corruption of Biden? Why isn’t he decrying the wealth Barry “I fantasize about sleeping with men” Obama has mysteriously been availed? How does the likes of the reputed “backseat playa” amass a fortune in approximately 10 years that has enabled him to own homes worth millions upon millions upon millions. It’s a fact that neither he nor the Obama woman come from that kind of wealth. Doesn’t Sanders think them worthy of condemnation?

How blind and emotionally challenged were those in attendance at the rally, to believe the fecal liquid flowing from Sanders’ mouth was an extrait de parfum river?

These workers aren’t on strike because they’re underpaid; they’re not under-insured nor are they poorly insured. Quite the opposite is the fact that goes unaddressed. Their salaries aren’t based upon merit. They’re based upon collectivism, which ensures that the most unskilled and the most poorly performing employees make the same rates as the best employees.

Let us not ignore their credit unions and highly favorable participation loans available to them. There are also the discounts available to them and their family members, n employment perk that is of huge value to the families. I know this for a fact, because the family of my best friend are fortunate enough to benefit from same.

No kidding, following is what UAW is demanding that caused them to strike:

  • Eliminating wage tiers.
  • A 40% wage increase over the life of the contract. The 40% signifies the increase in CEO salaries.
  • Restoring the cost-of-living allowance adjustments to counteract inflation.
  • Defined benefit pension for all workers.
  • The right to strike over plant closures.
  • A reduced work week and more paid time off.
  • Limiting the use of temporary workers.
  • Increased benefits to current retirees.

Shawn Fain, UAW president, is reported to earn approximately $300,000. That’s a nice salary. Why does he deserve that much?

Brian Cheung reports the strike launched by the UAW is not all about the money – but I say with the average wage being $32 per hour and they walk out because they demand a 40% increase, the money is exactly what the strike is all about.

That said, I do believe there’s another reason for these strikes that’s lurking in the shadows. I believe they’re a variant combination of Cloward-Piven and Hegelian Dialectics designed to sink the economy to the point that it cannot be turned around by President Trump, if as expected he wins back the White House.

If he doesn’t win, no harm is done; the neo-Leninist Obamanites continue to transform the country into a dystopian wasteland. If President Trump does win back the White House, he will be singularly blamed for the economy from day 1.

In either scenario, it will be argued the only salvation is massively more spending, expanded green-insanity, mandated behavioral conditions that carry stiff penalties for not obeying and government control of our children, home and church. And that, my friends, are just the tip of the iceberg regarding what lies ahead. Of course, I could be wrong. It could be that President Trump doesn’t win and somehow Republicans and Democrats come together and initiate an economic recovery unlike anything we’ve ever seen in history and the America people live happily ever after for millennia. I’m not betting on it, but don’t tell anyone.

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