'Best fit': Parents on census told to pick whatever 'sex' they want for kids

(Photo by Ricardo Maruri on Unsplash)
(Photo by Ricardo Maruri on Unsplash)

Governments all over the world participate in census surveys. Usually they insist on accuracy, because the results often are used to allocate funds for a wide range of programs.

Now, however, in Scotland, parents are being informed that they can fill out whatever sex they want for their children, when listing them on that nation’s census.

According to a report from the Christian Institute, a helpline agent for the government census told a parent to “enter what they feel is the ‘best fit’ for their toddler’s sex.”

The “guidance says people completing the census on someone else’s behalf can choose which sex to record, regardless of the sex registered on their birth certificate or on a gender recognition certificate,” the report explained.

It comes as the ideological fight for normalization of transgenderism has hit firestorm levels in the United Kingdom as well as the United States, where social media companies have been openly censoring the speech of those who don’t subscribe to the theory, in contradiction to science, that men can become women or vice versa.

In the U.K., a legal challenge to questions on sex and gender in the census by women’s rights campaigners Fair Play For Women was thrown out by the Court of Session last month.

The Times in the U.K. reported “a parent sought advice from Scotland’s Census’ helpline on completing the question ‘What is your sex?’ for their young child, whom they were raising to be ‘gender neutral’.”

When told it was possible to “use the sex registered on their official documents, such as passport or birth certificate,” the parent said, “But we don’t have to if it doesn’t seem right for them and we think the other describes them better?”

The agent agreed: “Go with what you feel describes them better.”

Scotsman columnist Susan Dalgety said on social media, “This is just plain crazy. What kind of government allows parents to ‘choose’ the sex of their child for census purposes, regardless of reality.”

And former Labour Minister Tom Harris went further, charging that the government was proposing that parents lie on the census form.

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