Beware BOTH parties and so-called 'conservative' networks

I’m consistent in my contempt for fools and liars, both of which are embodied in bipedal media and political constructs. I’m not a blind ideologue who goes along with every Republican because he advertises as a friend to conservatives and arbiter of the commercial definition of godliness.

I’m brutally honest in my identification and evaluation of both they and their opposite side of the misinformation construct, which are Erebusic elapids that have transmogrified from slithering through barnyard waste byproduct to upright bipedal simian type caricatures spawned in hell and released on earth, i.e., cultural-Marxists, Fabian Democratic Socialists, Neo-Leninists et al.

I find no reason to deny distaste for liberals and specifically those who believe themselves to be wise because they passed a college course in which a horrid professor pontificated on the value of Saul Alinsky pursuant to satanic culturalism.

Nor have I difficulty in defining and categorizing so-called Republicans who amount to little more than horse’s patooties who would just as soon betray We the People as any lying dishonest liberal.

I’m not bitter; I am aware!

Fox News is less trustworthy than CNN because CNN boasts of being dishonest shills for the worst humanity has to offer. Fox News, on the other hand, gained its approval by masquerading as the friend and ally of We the People, as I first warned people many years ago.

I take it personally when those who feign being allied with We the People stab the president who accomplished so much in four years in the face of unparalleled opposition from every corner of the so-called party he represented. As I have repeated said, President Trump fought as many if not more Republicans in leadership than he did Democrats. You cannot call yourself the friend of the people when you are betraying the leader We the People support.

I can tell you that it was not one of the toxic wannabe commies at CNN who betrayed me to Al Sharpton. It was Sean Hannity. Many will remember that I challenged Al Sharpton, National Urban League President Marc Morial and former D.C. Congressional Delegate Walter Fauntroy, who is co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus, to a debate over their fallacious accusations that the Tea Party was tantamount to the KKK.

At the time I was chairman of the oldest conservative black think tank in America, located on Capitol Hill, just doors away from the Senate office buildings. As I said at the time: “These men have thus far been given carte blanche to make such accusations. They have used the media to inject their poisonous and divisive diatribes as personal currency into the public economy. It is time they are called upon to explain and defend their allegations.” … Kevin Martin, in a piece that appeared on Breitbart, said: ‘I believe like many in the media, Sharpton is simply afraid he would be unable to think on his feet and present his arguments logically against an intelligent Conservative of Color – thus Sharpton would rather pretend Massie does not exist.’ And to his discredit Hannity helped him get away with it. … My office reached out to Hannity to schedule Sharpton and I together and press he and the other two to agree to debate me, the three of them against me. Hannity, like Sharpton, refused to acknowledge my request. However, just a couple weeks after my empty-chair debate, Hannity and Sharpton staged a debate at a New York hotel that I am told they raised money on.”

No one is surprised when MSBNC et al. donate heavily to liberal political candidates. But we expect integrity from FoxNews. Drew Zahn, WND news editor in 2013, pulled back the curtains on donations made by Fox News. He found that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which owned Fox News, donated to Obama 5-to-1 over Mitt Romney in 2012. News Corp at that time had supported the radical left for nine of the at that time 13 election cycles dating back to 1990, up to and including the pivotal 2012 elections. Zahn found that during presidential election cycles, support for left-wing Democrats by News Corps increased in 2008, by a margin favoring Obama 3-to-1 over McCain. In 2000 News Corp donations favored Al Gore over George Bush by a 3-to-1 margin. Now, I am supposed to believe these charades of propriety when they speak ill of President Trump.

How stupid would I need be to believe the same pathetic political party that promised We the People, if we helped them take back Congress and filled their treasuries with our hard-earned money, they would defeat Obamacare? Not only was that a lie, but the very chief justice others and I worked to bring to the floor for a straight up or down vote betrayed We the People with his vote for Obamacare once he was successfully appointed to the bench.

I trust NewsMax no more than I do alphabet network news programming. I’ve attended the annual talk-radio conventions. I know that President Trump was accepted as a cash cow when it came to advertising income, but the station heads hate him. I’ve had station owners blacklist me from their best programming because the factual truth I spoke of Obama was unflattering.

Now I am supposed to believe what they and their political hyenas are claiming about President Trump? I do not think so, not for an instant.

I am not an ideologue and am more than capable of thinking for myself. I’ve not watched Fox News programming since before I became aware of how they orchestrated a misinformation campaign against Herman Cain and back-stabbed him. I’ve found OAN Network honest and informative; however, I find NewsMax programming only a slightly less oleaginous alchemy of left-handed agitprop presented in a way that seems to be conservative. I find it to be representative of energy spent that is antithetical to what the Word of God tells true Christians to be about.

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