Biblical geopolitics and the crisis of anti-Semitism

“Regarding the gospel, [the Jews] are enemies on your account; but regarding election, they are loved on account of the patriarchs. For God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable” (Romans 11:39).

One of the least preached-about promise of God to His covenant people is stated in Genesis 22:17: “Your descendants will possess the gates of their enemies.” In fact, in all my years of fellowship with believers across five continents and dozens of denominations, I have never heard it preached upon in sermon or conversation. I have no doubt that some believers have written and spoken about it, but as one of the seven binding and irrevocable clauses of the Abramic Covenant on which Judeo-Christian civilization is founded, one would think there would be entire doctrines built upon that verse and even great contention among denominations with differing views on its meaning and import. Instead, it is virtually unmentioned – hidden in plain sight – like a prophecy sealed against disclosure until the proper time, as I believe it is.

The door of understanding that this key unlocks relates to a crisis of Christendom that has always been with us and has created much pain and suffering along the way – like a disease that waxes and wanes as social and spiritual conditions change. That crisis has had many names and variations – from the doctrine of “supersessionism” (aka replacement theology), to conspiracy theories/facts about the “Illuminati,” Freemasonry, Global “banksters” and such, to the modern camp of “Anti-Zionism,” to social attitudes (pro and con) about anti-Semitism – but at its heart the crisis involves God’s plan and purpose for the Hebrew people in the age of the Gentiles. What exactly is that plan and how should the church address it?

For several years I have been doing the research for a book-in-progress called “Judah Under the Gentiles,” which has led me down many rarely traveled theological and historical paths. It hypothesizes that a largely hidden global culture war involving Jews and Roman Catholics has raged since the end of the Spanish Inquisition, heavily influencing world events. I am still years away from completing this book, but some of the insights I have gained thus far seem highly relevant to the state of the world today.

One important presupposition in my analysis is the biblical reality (fully explained in my book “The Prodigal Son Prophecy”) that God’s covenant promises that were held as a single package by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were divided when Jacob married two wives, Leah and Rachel, creating the two separate and competing houses of Judah (defined by Judaism) and Israel (defined by Christianity). God’s plan for the reconciliation of the two houses is the back story of Christianity and the centerpiece of the future Millennial Kingdom.

An important factor in that presupposition is that God has maintained a special relationship with the House of Judah (the Jews), even though it (and they) have been under His partial curse (Matthew 23:37-39, Romans 11:25) during the entire Gentile age. Paul’s clear and succinct treatise on Christian/Jewish relations and God’s plan for the eventual salvation of the Jews fills all of Romans 11, which every Christian should study with a humble heart.

To “possess the gates of ones enemies” means to exercise effective control of their governments in precisely the manner that many claim “Jewish” banking families like the Rothschilds control the nations of the Western world. To be clear, I’m not endorsing those claims, which Jewish leaders rightly cite as an example of anti-Semitism because those contentions always assume that such control must be malignant. I’m just pointing out a Bible-grounded perspective one never sees discussed.

Frankly, I tend to agree with the late historian Carroll Quigley who wrote in his master work, “Tragedy and Hope,” that the real central-banking power base is Anglo-Saxon (the Brits), with Jewish bankers sitting “second chair” if you will. As my late friend Dr. Stan Monteith explained in his book “Brotherhood of Darkness,” citing Quigley: “‘During the early decades of the 20th century the three largest banks in the U.S. were owned by the Rockefellers, the Morgans and the Mellons.’ Contrary to popular speculations, the powerful European central banks preceded the House of Rothschild. Jewish banks ‘never controlled the financial institutions of the world.'” (Quigley, 50-62)

Examples of Hebrew control of enemy “gates” in Bible history include Joseph’s role in Egypt and Daniel’s role in Babylon. Joseph went from pharaoh’s prisoner to his right-hand man, exploiting his knowledge of the coming cycle of feast and famine to first accumulate massive storehouses of food supplies in pharaoh’s name, and then to use those riches to buy up much of the known world from its starving peoples, vastly enriching and empowering pharaoh. Similarly, the Hebrew prisoner Daniel became the right-hand man to a series of Babylonian kings, wielding power second only to the kings.

A well-documented, if not widely recognized example in modern history is Hebrew influence in the British Empire, exemplified by the phenomenon of “British Israelism,” or BI, the largely debunked theory that the British monarchy descends directly from the line of Judean kings, and that the British people descend from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. British Israelism (an outgrowth of the then-nascent Hebraic Movement in British Christianity and philosophy) was founded in 1640 by John Sadler, a Christian student of Menasseh ben Israel, the rabbi of Amsterdam, and the personal secretary of Oliver Cromwell. British Israelism historian Sharon Turner (author of the four-volume “History of the Anglo-Saxons”) was the man who convinced his Hebrew friend Isaac D’Israeli to have his children, including the future Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, baptized in the Church of England.

BI’s greatest accomplishment before it faded from prominence was undergirding and justifying the British liberation of the Holy Land from the Ottoman Turks, immediately after which the British government invited the Jews to reoccupy it. For our purposes it matters not what parts of the BI theory are true or false, only that huge numbers of people, including many among the British elites, believed it to be true and acted upon it.

It is important to remember here that the powers God delegates to human beings are NOT conditional (at least in the short term) on the righteousness of those humans. God-sanctioned institutions like the Hebrew priesthood and monarchy empowered both good and bad men to wield authority. In fact, the northern Kingdom of Israel had not a single righteous king in its entire history. The Kingdom of Judah, on the other hand, had some righteous and some wicked kings. Likewise, the priesthood had both its Elis and its Samuels.

If it IS true that a hidden hand has been steering the Western world for centuries, the effect (from an American perspective as measured by the refinements of civilization, technology, longevity and quality of life) has been largely benign and beneficial during most of that time – taking a truly ugly turn only a few times including the present era. To acknowledge this is not to endorse any wicked aspect of it.

All of this it to remind us all that God’s ways are not our ways, and we should make sure our views on things of this world do not conflict with His. It is always safe, and necessary, to oppose evil people and actions, but we must never define as evil the systems God has established to fulfill His plans in this world.

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