Biden admin uses political talking point as fact in lawsuit against Alabama

(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)
(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

A report from Fox News only a day old revealed that Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, a man who portrays himself as a woman, “claimed” there is no disagreement among doctors that “gender-affirming” treatment, such as administered chemicals and body-mutilating surgeries, are essential for children with gender dysphoria.

Levine made the claim ahead of a weekend speech in Texas.

But that conflicts with the science, as WND reported Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins, has confirmed that 70%-80% of those who claim gender dysphoria, if left alone, outgrow those feelings after a few years.

Further, according to the science, transgenders are some 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than the general population. Many succeed.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration is using its talking point as fact – in a lawsuit against the state of Alabama.

The Department of Justice has confirmed it has filed a lawsuit challenging a new Alabama law that, as the leftists charge, “denies necessary medical care to children based solely on who they are, and that threatens criminal prosecution and jail time to doctors, parents, and anyone else who provides or “causes’ that care.”

Actually multiple polls show that Americans in the range of 70%-80% reject the concept of surgeries that physically damage health body parts of children and youth in the name of transgender ideologies.

But the DOJ bases its complaint on it claim that the new state law interferes with “certain medically necessary” treatments.

The DOJ announcement repeats the claim that such treatments are “medically necessary” multiple times, including when its cites how the state law aimed at protecting children and youth from life-altering injuries and side effects, such as the lifetime sterility that often comes from transgender surgeries, “discriminates against transgender youth.”

The state law, the DOJ complains, “Would force parents of transgender minors, medical professionals, and others to choose between forgoing medically necessary procedures and treatments, or facing criminal prosecution.”

The Biden agency previously threatened states that they were required to “protect transgender youth” against discrimination that would result from not giving them the body-damaging treatments and surgeries.

Fox, in fact, reported Levine claimed “there is no argument” that such chemical and surgical injuries are necessary.

Specifically, the report said Levine’s concept of “care” includes “puberty blockers during puberty and hormone therapy starting during early adolescence. Irreversible surgery is ‘typically used in adulthood or case-by-case basis in adolescence,’ according to the agency.”

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo then released a statement that there is a “lack of conclusive evidence, and the potential for long-term, irreversible effects,” in the dispute.

Florida advises against social transition, puberty blockers, hormones and surgery as treatment options for children and adolescents.

WND reported only weeks ago when White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki threatened anyone who opposes Biden’s transgender promotions.

According to Trending Politics she staked out a “take-no-prisoners” attitude regarding Biden administration demands that everyone adhere to its social-sexual agenda.

“Across the country, as we’ve talked about a bit in here, Republican elected officials are engaging in disturbing, cynical trend of attacking vulnerable transgender kids for purely partisan political reasons,” she claimed while promoting Biden’s own partisan agenda. “Today, in Alabama, instead of focusing on critical kitchen table issues like the economy, COVID or addressing the country’s mental health crisis, Republican lawmakers are currently debating legislation that, among many things, would target trans youths with tactics that threatens to put pediatricians in prison if they provide medically necessary life-saving health care for the kids they serve.

“Just like the extreme government overreach we’ve seen in Texas, where politicians have sent state officials into the homes of loving parents to investigate them for abuse just to harass and intimidate the LGBTQI+ community, today’s vote in Alabama will only serve to harm kids. But Alabama’s lawmakers and other legislators who are contemplating these discriminatory bills have been put on notice by the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services that laws and policies preventing care that health care professionals recommend for transgender minors may violate the Constitution and the federal law.”

She threatened, “To be clear, every major medical association agrees that gender-affirming health care for transgender kids is the best practice and potentially lifesaving. All of this begs an important question: What are these policies actually trying to solve for? LGBTQI+ people can’t be erased or forced back into any closets and kids across our nation should be allowed to be who they are without the threat that their parents or their doctor could be imprisoned simply for helping them and loving them.”

Actually, her claims about “medically necessary life-saving health care” involving chemical and physical castration for children, as well as other body mutilations inflicted in the transgender “treatment,” were less than accurate.

It’s because those opinions from “medical associations” often are politically influenced, and following the science of the National Institutes of Health, it’s known that huge percentages of transgenders attempt, and often succeed, at suicide even after such “treatment.”

The NIH explains those who commit suicide among transgender populations ranges from 32% to 50%.

That organization explains, “The suicidal behavior and suicide attempt rates are reported to be significantly high among transgender persons compared to general population across the countries.”

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