Biden and Harris 'incompetent'? See how many Americans think so

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris walk from the Oval Office of the White House Friday, March 12, 2021, to the Rose Garden to deliver remarks on the American Rescue Plan. (Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson)

It’s no secret to anyone that many Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance in office, as well as the work attempted by Kamala Harris.

Neither is it a secret that, based on his behavior that some consider indications of dementia, many would like Biden to take a cognitive test and release the results.

But now a new poll from McLaughlin & Associates reveals that six of 10 Americans think either Biden or Harris – or both – are “incompetent.”

The pollster explained in an analysis at Newsmax, “This means six in 10 voters view either our president, the vice president or both as incompetent. This is a very disturbing result at a time when inflation is rampant and war is threatening the world.”

Further, the polling shows that Americans are backing a brain test for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an octogenarian, too.

Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets column noted it was a “growing sign of voter concern about the cognitive abilities of the nation’s elderly leadership.”

He continued, “The results follow a series of apparent mental flubs by the 79-year-old president, the latest being a flip, flop, flip on calling for the ouster of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yesterday, his staff wrote him a notecard titled ‘Tough Putin Q&A Talking Points.'”

On the question of competency, 15% say Biden is more incompetent, 11% say Harris is more incompetent, and 33% say both. A minority of 35% said neither was incompetent.

Fifty-eight percent said Biden should take a cognitive test and release the results.

The polling revealed virtually no bright spot for the Biden administration. Sixty-five percent say the nation is on the wrong track; only 29% said it is the right direction. Republicans draw 48% of the support in a generic ballot for Congress, to the Democrats’ 44%.

And 57% disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Harris is viewed favorably by only 40%, but that was better than Pelosi, who is seen favorably by only 33%.

The polling also revealed a huge reversal – about the time Biden launched his campaign – and COVID-19 hit – in those who believe the nation is in recession. Before that time, under President Trump’s tenure, nearly 70% said there was no recession. Currently 53% say there is. And worse is the 70% who say the economy is getting worse now.

A huge 68% of Republican primary voters want President Trump to return to the ballot for 2024, and if he runs, 82% of Republican primary voters promise to support him. In a hypothetical rematch between President Trump and Biden, Trump wins 49%-46%. Trump would beat Harris and Hillary Clinton by even larger margins.

And a full 55% said Biden won’t even last to the end of his elected term.

Majorities also blame Biden more than Vladimir Putin for surging gas prices, and 68% said American should be expanding its oil and gas industry.

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