Biden and Warnock's party needs a new name

With Democrats appearing to have won a seat in the Senate in one of Georgia’s two election runoffs, we have yet one more indication that today’s Democratic Party is in need of renaming. Raphael Warnock, pastor of an Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached, is making history as the state’s first black senator – no small feat for the political party of the Ku Klux Klan and slavery that worked diligently for many years to prevent blacks from winning seats in Congress while Republicans helped seat the first seven black members.

In the 1930s, the term “flip-flop” was introduced into the electronics industry, referencing the switching circuits alternating between two states. It became a more popular term to mean a turn-around on a position in politics.

The Democratic Party has done a masterful job of employing the flip-flop on positions it takes on numerous issues. While the election of Warnock is but one such example, it comes right on the heels of another.

Looking back on 2018, during confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct against him while a young man were hurled – many later proven unfounded or falsely made. Democrat senators like Kamala Harris of California put Kavanaugh through the ringer based on these allegations. They whipped the MeToo# horse into a frenzy to extract from it everything they could get. Yet, only two years later, Harris flipped, putting the MeToo# horse back in the barn as she, lacking any hesitation whatsoever, accepted an offer to run as alleged woman-abuser Joe Biden’s running mate. And the allegations against Biden of sexual misconduct were much more prevalent than those made against Kavanaugh, some occurring during as recent as his two terms as vice president under Barack Obama.

The allegations of sexual abuse against Biden, unlike those against Kavanaugh, had much more credence as revealed by the Secret Service. One sees a history of creepy Joe’s sexcapades around his agents. With female agents on duty, he was known to swim in the nude. At an annual Christmas party, an agent almost came to blows with the vice president he had sworn to protect after the lecherous leader cupped the breast of the agent’s girlfriend during a photo opportunity. Biden was so outrageous in his sexual affrontations around Secret Service agents that the Christmas party was canceled the following year. If Biden was this brazen around his agents, one can only imagine his comfort level when in private.

Evidence of that “comfort zone” in such a situation was shared by Tara Reade, a former member of then-Sen. Biden’s staff. In what sounds like a setup to ensnare Reade in a 1993 incident, Biden left for the gym, somehow forgetting his gym bag. Reade was called to deliver it to him. When she arrived, she claims Biden met her in a corridor somewhere in the Capitol Hill complex where he “had me up against the wall; he used his knee to spread open my legs” and “put his fingers inside me.” It is disturbing to think the man who will soon have his fingers on America’s pulse violated Reade with them in such an inappropriate manner.

Interestingly too, it came out during the campaign that Biden, not one to respect marital integrity, was a home-wrecker. As reported by Jill Biden’s ex-husband, Joe had an affair with Jill while she was still married. The ex-husband alleges the two lied about having met on a blind date. He says he first became suspicious of it after Jill’s car was involved in a minor accident while being driven by Joe.

As if Biden were not enough of a negative influence concerning male behavior toward women, ironically being embraced by one who may be our first female vice president, Warnock also is not a MeToo# role model. On file, as told during his campaign by his ex-wife, is a police report of domestic violence. It is bad enough as a husband Warnock may have engaged in such conduct, but it is inexcusable he did so as a supposed man of God. However, despite having allowed his priestly aura to slip, he is helping the supposed MeToo# party build a majority in the Senate. Meanwhile, he also has praised the infamous sermon by Barack Obama’s former preacher, Jeremiah Wright, who called for God’s damning of America rather than His blessing.

The Democrats’ flip-flopping goes far beyond the MeToo# issue. Just look at how Biden has flip-flopped over almost half a century of politics on the issues of illegal immigration, abortion, the Iraq war, desegregation, guns, drugs, gay marriage, etc. Just look at how today’s Democrats have flip-flopped, now suppressing freedom of speech and religion and encouraging confrontation and violence to maneuver the herd in their desired direction of the moment.

There is but one issue upon which Democrats are not flip-flopping: the subconscious belief national security and constitutional protections be damned. Meanwhile, they flip-flop on a laundry list of issues, playing politics and doing whatever is necessary to secure power.

Democrats have little to be proud of in having elected the likes of Warnock and Biden. These two may well prove to be the cement that seals shut the cover on the America we have come to know and love. For future generations, America may well prove to be a love long lost.

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