Biden arrives in Israel, makes unnerving gaffe about Holocaust

Joe Biden in Israel (screenshot)
Joe Biden in Israel on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. (Video screenshot)

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, now a member of Congress, warned about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline years ago.

Back then, he cited Biden’s inability to remember where he was, or what office in the federal government he was seeking. (The presidency)

It’s apparently been getting worse.

Just arrived in Israel on a major foreign policy trip now, Biden blew his planned speech and instead recognized the “truth and honor” of the Holocaust.

That was shortly after disembarking Air Force One and asking, “What am I doing now?”

Biden said he was in Israel “to honor six million Jewish lives, stolen in the genocide, and continue, which we must do every, every day, continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust … horror of the Holocaust.”

A commentary at said, “I’d ask how he managed to make that mistake given he’s got a script to read right in front of him that no doubt has a triple-digit font, but we all know how he made it. The President of the United States is senile. Even before his flub about ‘truth and honor,’ he mispronounced the name of a city in Israel he was attempting to cite. He also screwed up his pacing after mentioning the genocide of six million Jews, sounds like he was saying we must ‘continue’ it before doubling back to clarify that he meant ‘we must continue to bear witness.'”

Shortly before, he came down the steps from Air Force One, onto red carpeting.

The commentary said, “The president arrived in Israel on Wednesday for the start of a series of joint meetings in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Biden didn’t even get off the tarmac before things started to go wrong. In fact, his first words after departing the airstairs were ‘What am I doing now?'”

He eventually started moving away, after having been directed by an entire team of officials.

RedState reported, “And while Biden’s constantly face-planting is entertaining in some sense, it’s also deeply dangerous for the country he leads. The United States has become a laughing stock, with tyranny on the march across the globe in the face of his fecklessness and weakness. We are talking about a man who can’t even walk without being psychically led around by his handlers. Does anyone think Xi Jinping fears Joe Biden? Heck, his Secret Service agents are probably days away from investing in one of those kid leashes for the president. This can’t go on for another two and a half years. There’s just no way. Something has to give, whether it’s Biden’s health or those around him saying enough is enough.”

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