Biden attorney general accused of doing 'bidding of the radical left'

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland (Official portrait)
U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland (Official portrait)

A former counselor to multiple U.S. attorneys general says the man currently in that office, Merrick Garland, is doing “the bidding of the radical left.”

The accusation comes from Gene Hamilton, who served under both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Attorney General William Barr, and came during comments he made in an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

By suing to block common-sense voter ID laws and using the FBI as a weapon against parents alarmed by – and opposed to – the racialization of their public schools, he’s undermining his own promise to restore trust in the Department of Justice, Hamilton explained.

“For all of his rhetoric, and for all of his talk about returning the Department of Justice to norms and all of those other such things, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has betrayed the trust of the American people,” Hamilton said in the interview.

“This Department of Justice has just completely gone to the left, completely done the opposite of returning to norms. If that is such a thing. And they’re really doing the bidding of the radical left these days.”

In the report, Hamilton cited Garland’s campaigns against voter ID laws that have been adopted by state lawmakers in Georgia and Texas, as well as Garland’s orders to the FBI to investigate parents protesting leftist school board policies and practices.

Hamilton said the attack on parents in particular was driven for Merrick by political appointees on an ideological impulse, the report explained.

He explained, “There’s chains of approval, and different things that usually happen when you’re going to issue a memo of that significance. But with Garland’s memo, it clearly did not go through the ordinary course. It clearly was precooked, prebaked.

“And I know that in the Trump administration, that type of a thing would not have happened. There would be screams from every news organization and every entity with any ounce of credibility, calling us to task for something like that.”

But Hamilton, who worked on the Remain in Mexico and other immigration policies under President Trump, “said the Biden administration’s effort to ignore federal law and allow millions of illegal aliens to enter the country may be the most consequential change inside DOJ to both security and the politics of the country,” the report said.

“This is an administration that completely opposes detention, completely opposes the thought of detaining anybody, for any period of time, regardless of their matter of entry into the United States.”

He continued, explaining that while Americans in growing numbers want an executive branch that is willing to enforce the nation’s laws, at long as Democrats control the White House and Congress, the main resistance to a leftward course deviation for the nation is the team of state attorneys general who have sued the Biden administration.

He explained, “They’re trying to stop this nonsense.”

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