Biden boast about cookout cost 'ages about as well as Joe Biden'


A boast by Joe Biden, only a few months after he took office, that his policies had cut the cost of a 4th of July cookout for 2021 by 16 cents hasn’t aged well.

And that’s because the cost of the same meal in 2022 had exploded by more than $10.

A report at the Washington Examiner noted last year’s bragging:

The report explained, “Last Independence Day, the Biden administration boasted that the cost of a 2021 cookout meal was down from 2020 by a whopping 16 cents. This was a cringeworthy, dad-joke-filled attempt to distract from the fact that inflation was already starting to surge to the highest levels in more than a decade.”

This year, that inflation had hit, and hit hard:

The report explained that Biden “rightfully got roasted” in 2021 for his “tone-deaf tweet.”

Because even at that time, “food prices away from home were up 4.2%, energy was up 24.5%, used cars were 45%, and so on,” the report said.

Now, Biden’s claims look “even more absurd.”

“According to the Farm Bureau (the same source Biden used for last year’s tweet), a July Fourth meal this year will be 17% more expensive . That’s an increase of roughly $10 for the average family’s meal. For some reason, the White House hasn’t put out any update touting this year’s costs. I wonder why?”

(Image by Th G from Pixabay)

The report pointed out that while $10 isn’t “the end of the world,” it’s estimated now that Biden’s inflation will cost the average family $5,200 in 2022, some $433 a month, extra.

The report noted no president bears all of the blame for inflation.

But the inflation surge already was under way before the culprit, as Biden claims, began. That would be the Russian war on Ukraine.

“Biden has failed to take commonsense steps to reduce prices, such as eliminating trade taxes, and he has only further encouraged the Federal Reserve’s reckless printing of trillions of new dollars (which makes the dollars in existence less valuable),” the report said.

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