Biden in no-win dilemma with his decision to subsidize Putin's oil industry

Many reports this week have pointed out that Joe Biden is in a box from which he cannot emerge victorious because of his decisions – all tied to claims about the threats of climate change – to trash the American oil industry and subsidize Vladimir Putin’s exports.

One of the many charges came from the Billings Gazette, which pointed out the “rising fuel prices” across America that already were pushed sky high because of Biden’s decision to actively fight energy production in America.

One of those moves was his cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, which alone had it been operating right now would have more than replaced all of the oil America has been purchasing from Russia.

Gasoline costs for consumers were surging again because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its deadly attacks on civilians, including women and children.

The fact is under President Trump, America was exporting and selling energy. Under Biden, it’s turned again into a dependency on foreigners.

But for Biden to reverse course and work to restore the energy production likely would cause a collapse of support on which he depends from green energy and climate change supporters.

Members of Congress, including far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, already have called on Biden to stop Russian oil imports – the hundreds of millions of barrels per month.

“If there was a poll being taken and they said, ‘Joe, would you pay 10 cents more per gallon to support the people of Ukraine and stop the support of Russia?’ I would gladly pay 10 cents more per gallon,” explained Sen Joe Manchin, D-W.V.

One problem for Biden is that prices already have surged by about a dollar per gallon since he took office, because of his attacks on the industry that is so essential to the nation’s security.

Biden, so far, has pledged to continue giving Putin hundreds of millions of dollars a month for oil.

The report said, “In the minds of U.S. oil companies, now is the time for the federal government to take action to ramp up U.S. oil and gas production, both for the benefit of U.S. consumers and allies abroad.”

The American Petroleum Institute already has told Biden to put permits for drilling on federal lands on a fast track, and this week Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, proposed a plan to accelerate energy projects involving oil, gas, solar, wind and geothermal.

He said, “In the past year with Joe Biden as president, the United States has lost its status as a net petroleum exporter. Why? Because on day one of his administration, President Biden issued illegal and hostile orders aimed at American oil and gas producers, which have increased energy prices and directed profits to other oil exporting countries.”

The Houston Chronicle, in one of the nation’s best energy-producing regions, said bluntly Biden is confronted by “competing pressures” over energy and their prices.

A report in the Boston Globe pointed out that Russian sources accounted for 8% of 2021 oil imports int the U.S.

“Among the implications of an oil ban the White House is assessing is if the move would actually hurt the Russian economy, or if the crude would simply go to other markets and drive up U.S. gasoline prices,” the report said.

That’s as gasoline was at $3.84 a gallon and crude oil as more than $115 a barrel.

The White House has advocated “other options” rather than cutting of payments to Russia.

“Our objective and the president’s objective has been to maximize impact on Russia while minimizing impact to us and our allies and partners,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a briefing Thursday.

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom explained that the Biden administration was so unsettled by the dilemma that when reporters shouted questions at Biden on Thursday, asking, “Will you ban Russian oil?” the press pool was ushered out.

“He said No! Let’s go!” a Biden staffer ordered. But reporters said they hadn’t heard Biden respond at all.

Psaki, when interrogated about why the White House canceled the Keystone project and many others, tried to pin the blame on the oil industry, saying there are 9,000 approved oil leases that the oil companies were not tapping into immediately.

She did, however, push for more clean energy investments. “If we do more to invest in clean energy, if we do more to invest in other sources of energy, that’s exactly what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future.”

At Slay News a report documented how U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, bluntly accused Biden of “financing” Russia’s deadly attacks on Ukrainian civilians.

He said, “We should have started by sanctioning their oil and gas. … We should have sanctioned Putin, sanctioned their central bank. All of the big heavy sanctions, some of them which haven’t even been done like oil and gas right now. Those should have been done immediately, and the agreement should have been you pull your troops off of the Ukrainian border and stop threatening the Ukrainian people, and we will release the sanctions.”

He pointed out at the current price of more than $100 per barrel, and America’s purchase of 600,000 barrels a day from Russia, Putin’s pocketbook is being enriched.

“It’s unbelievable that we’re allowing this to happen. We are actually financing their efforts to kill Ukrainians. It’s shameful,” he said.

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