Biden is creating 'a totalitarian state before our eyes'

“We’re really moving into a coup situation,” Naomi Wolf said on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Monday night. “A police state situation.”

Wolf is not a conservative. She’s not an insurrectionist. She’s not a deplorable. She’s not even, to my knowledge, a “domestic terrorist.”

She is a former adviser to President Bill Clinton and Al Gore – and a celebrated feminist.

Therefore, it’s eye-opening to many people when she claims Joe Biden’s America is becoming a “totalitarian state before our eyes.”

“I’ve been writing for months and months about what I see as the terrible crisis that we’re in, that we have to recognize under the guise of a real medical pandemic,” she said. “We’re really moving into a coup situation, a police state situation and that’s not a partisan thing. That’s, as you say, that transcends everything you and I might agree or disagree on that should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution. We’re absolutely moving into what I call step 10.”

What is step 10?

“I wrote a book in which I pointed out there were 10 steps that would-be tyrants always take when they want to close down a democracy,” she went on. “Whether they’re on the left or the right, they always do the same 10 things – and now we’re at something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. You described it really, really well,” she told Carlson. “It is step 10, and that’s the suspension of the rule of law. That’s when you start to be a police state and we’re here, there’s no way around it.”

How long will it take to cancel Naomi Wolf? How long will it take to remove her from “polite society”?

Actually, she may be well on her way out.

You may have noticed that Naomi Wolf has recently had two books canceled. They failed the “fact-checking” test, so to speak. That’s code for a book not being approved by the mob. Books are often subjective, as you know. There are few books that can be said to be objectively true. But Naomi Wolf is an internationally bestselling author, having written “The Beauty Myth” in 1990, plus nine other books.

It’s been said that there’s no stopping the cancel culture – this trend toward making people “disappear” from American life. People who were once, whether you like them or not, considered thinkers, opinion leaders; those you could take or leave but never dispose of.

But that was before the “fake media” and their Big Tech masters forced you to watch what you say.

Wolf told Tucker she voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Did she not expect Joe Biden to do exactly what he has done? Did he surprise her? Could she have imagined anything else?

Let me be charitable and use myself as an example: I once found myself on the left – a long time ago. The year 1980 was the last time I would classify myself as a leftist. That year, I voted for Jimmy Carter for president. Yes, I was aware of the lines at gas stations. I was aware on the Iranian hostage crisis. I was aware of all of Jimmy Carter’s disappointments. But I was not ready to accept Ronald Reagan – that is, until I had read everything he read, and it made sense, and I found myself ready to take the red pill.

I had been a leftist for a long time. It took that long for me to drop it cold. And I did.

Back then, we didn’t have the “fake news” and the Big Tech tyrants, which prevented the majority from finding the truth about what was going on. It’s entirely reasonable that someone might not have heard Biden say he was in favor of more lockdowns, as Wolf noted. (She had tweeted, “If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him.”) Knowing what Biden really thought was a state secret unless you got your news from the right place.

Maybe Naomi Wolf wasn’t ready for that dramatic change then. She seems more than open to it now. Let’s hope that others come to the same conclusion, and that it’s not too late in 2022 or 2024 to make our votes count and take our country back.

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