Biden, Kamala get mercilessly mocked in delicious TV skit

'Sleepy' Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get mocked on Saudi TV in April 2022. (Video screenshot)
‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get mocked on Saudi TV in April 2022. (Video screenshot)

Joe Biden’s “senior moments” have become commonplace during his presidency, his verbal gaffes and blunders and even one time when he struck off across the White House lawn while the Secret Service frantically tried to direct him to the building itself.

But it’s gone way beyond that now. Now he’s a joke to a key Middle East power, Saudi Arabia.

The Washington Examiner has documented that the Middle East Broadcasting Center, which owns the comedy show Studio 22, aired a skit mocking both Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden is portrayed as old and forgetful. And he falls asleep during a news conference, being poked awake by Harris, who repeatedly corrects him.

She eventually drags him off stage.

The Examiner reported, “The video, which popped up on social media Tuesday morning, shows Biden and Harris walking onstage and appearing before photographers while Biden points to members of the crowd before walking away.”

Harris has to walk him back onstage, and he says he’s there to talk about the crisis in Spain – err Russia.

He awakes after dozing to talk about the president of China.

The Examiner explained, “The skit comes as tensions between the United States and Saudi Arabia have risen. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have expressed concerns over attempts to revive the Iran nuclear deal. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly refused to take a call from Biden seeking to have the oil-rich Middle Eastern country ramp up oil production in light of a U.S. ban on oil and gas from Russia, the Wall Street Journal reported in March.”

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