Biden legacy identified as 'decades and decades of disinformation'

Joe Biden is not even two years into his term as president, but his legacy already has been identified.

“Decades and decades of disinformation.”

That’s according to Scott Walker, former Wisconsin governor and now president of Young America’s Foundation, who explained Biden’s failings in a commentary at The Washington Times.

He explains, “President Biden has no shame. Speaking to graduates at the U.S. Naval Academy last weekend, he claimed that he received an appointment to Annapolis in 1965. That is actually the year he graduated from the University of Delaware. It seems like he is the real head of disinformation.”

Before unleashing an extensive list of Biden’s “disinformation” statements, Walker explained Biden’s “Disinformation Board” recently was halted over its likeness to the “Ministry of Truth” and “1984.”

“Ironically, one of the first statements about the proposed leader of the panel was a piece of disinformation: ‘Nina Jankowicz is absolutely neutral,'” he wrote.

And, “How many times did we hear from candidate Biden that his son Hunter did nothing wrong? Big Tech helped bury the story before the election while The New York Times acts like it just discovered new details about the laptop. All the while, Mr. Biden still clings to the idea that Hunter is totally innocent.”

Other examples of Biden’s “disinformation” that Walker cited:

“How about when Mr. Biden sat down with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos to talk about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan? He said, ‘And if there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.'”

And, “Then there is Mr. Biden’s pronouncement that his ‘Build Back Better’ plan adds zero dollars to the national debt. Never mind that the cost is greater than the entire annual economy of nearly every nation in the world. ”

Explained Walker, “It is kind of like when then-Sen. Biden said he did not plagiarize during the 1987 presidential campaign. Then they replayed his comments and matched nearly every word of a speech by the Labour Party leader in Great Britain. While being pressed by the media over charges of plagiarism, he called those charges false and proclaimed that he was one of the top students in his law school class. Only later did the American people find out that he had to redo a paper after accusations of plagiarism and that he graduated near the bottom of his class.”

“Decades and decades of disinformation.”

Further instances cited by Walker:

  • “During his State of the Union Address this year, Mr. Biden went off script and said, ‘Many of you have been there. I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan over 40 times.'” Actually, it was 21 times.
  • In Georgia to attack a voter integrity law, Biden claimed “It seems like yesterday the first time I got arrested.” But records show he wasn’t.
  • “Mr. Biden claimed during his visit that the new law would suppress voters. Instead, the state just saw historic turnout levels during the recent primary for governor and U.S. senator in the Peach State.”

“In January, Mr. Biden said he exceeded expectations in his first year. The one area where that is clearly accurate: disinformation,” Walker wrote.

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